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Finding Switzerland's Best Roads: Paradise Found In A Cyclist's Playground

We go in search of Switzerland's best roads - and are blown away with what we find

"An Indonesian Girl Is Supposed To Be At Home" | The Flora Christin Interview

Would you have the courage to chase the life you want? We caught up with a rebel female surfer who marches to her own drum

Skating NGO's and Women's Empowerment - The Skateistan Interview

We caught up with Skateistan's Hannah Bailey in advance of International Women's Day

International Women's Day and the Women's Rights Movement

We take a look at the women's rights movement over the years

Caroline Buchanan in Car Crash | Cycling Legend and Eight-Time World Champion in Intensive Care

The Australian two-time Olympian is recovering in hospital "after a vehicle roll"...

Unleash | This Company Wants You To Surf Every Day

Amy Schwartz tells us why she’s making it easy for digital nomads to live the surf lifestyle

Watersports in Italy | 7 Of The Best Destinations For Kitesurfing, Windsurfing & More

The best places to go windsurfing, kayaking and kitesurfing in northern Italy

Walking in Italy | 7 Of The Best Hiking Destinations In the North

If walking's what you love, you seriously need to visit the northern regions of Italy.

Road Cycling in Italy | 7 of the Best Rides in The North

We team up with Green & Blue to highlight some of the best routes in Northern Italy

Adventure in Northern Italy | 7 of the Best Spots for Cycling, Hiking and Watersports

No matter what your choice of adventure, the north of Italy can almost certainly deliver...

Mountain Biking in Italy | 7 of the Best Mountain Bike Routes in The North

Where to ride when you've got the Alps and the Dolomites on your doorstep...

LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ9 Speaker Review

Looking for a compact Bluetooth speaker that is tough enough for every adventure? This LifeProof speaker has got what you need

LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ10 Speaker Review

Looking for a compact Bluetooth speaker that is tough enough for every adventure? This LifeProof speaker has got what you need

Veganism: What Are The Benefits Of A Vegan Lifestyle?

Is veganism a healthy choice? Is being vegan good for the planet? We have the answers....

What A Load Of Rubbish! Man Collects Four-Years-Worth Of Litter To Show How Much We Waste

Think you're pretty eco-friendly? This guy collected four year's of rubbish to show us how much we throw away...

Tragedy in the Alps | Swiss Snowboarder Estelle Balet Dies in an Avalanche

The 21-year-old Freeride World Tour champion was killed this morning

Girl Attempts To Climb Ben Nevis In Shorts While Carrying Selfie Stick... And Nearly Dies

She described herself as a "massive pr*ck" after being rescued by climbers

Easy Ski Season Meals | 8 Delicious Recipes You Can Make On A Seasonaire Hob

Just because you live in shared accommodation, doesn't mean you need to eat beans on toast every night

This Surfer Girl Caught A Guy Trying To Rob Her Friend's Car – So She Rode A Wave And Punched Him In The Face

The Californian woman pinned the alleged thief to the ground until the police arrived