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Skateboarding | Best Women's Skateboarding Shoes

Skateboarding shoes designed for women? Everything you need to know about finding the perfect pair of women's skate shoes here...

Skateboarding | Best Women's Skateboarding Helmets

Skateboarding helmets are a necessity for beginner skaterboarders, but which skate helmet is right for you?

Skateboarding | Best Women’s Skateboarding Clothing Brands

Looking for women’s skateboarding clothing? We’ve got the threads for you...

Bullet Journal: How Do I Start A Bullet Journal?

Bullet journals are all the rage right now, but what exactly are they? Find all your bullet journal ideas and inspiration here...

Love Climbing, Mountain Biking And Yoga? You Need To Check Out Austria’s Women’s Summer Festival

It's the best place to hang out with like-minded women in the mountains

She Spends Her Weekends Wild Camping Alone In Britain's Most Remote Places. Here's Why It's Not As Scary As It Seems...

We spoke to the inspirational Phoebe Smith about wild camping alone, axe murderers and why not all adventurers are men with beards...

23 Things Yogis Do That Ordinary People Won’t Understand

When you're in savasana and your flatmate thinks you're dead...

5 Awesome Eco Adventures That Will Help Save The Ocean

To celebrate World Oceans Day, we've picked the most awesome places to visit and learn about marine conservation

Win A Week's Supply Of Billabong Bikinis (Plus A Beach Pack)

Heading off on a surf holiday this summer? You need to enter this competition...

These School Children Climb Down A 800m Cliff Face To Get To Lessons Every Single Day

This seems to unbelievable too be true, yet somehow it is....

This Mum Is Hiking 2000 Miles With Her Daughter To Help Her Recover From Heroin Addiction

Heidi Jorg quit her job to help her daughter recover from a heroin and meth addiction

Meet The Hawaiian Spearfisher Who Swims With Great White Sharks & Bites Octopus' Brains

Kimi Werner isn't your average woman. She's a US champion spearfisher, swims with sharks and can hold her breath for nearly five minutes

Meet The Surfer Who Has Spent The Last 10 Years Sailing The World... With Her Cat

Liz Clark has been globe-trotting with her adventure companion Amelia the tropicat since 2006

40 Micro-Adventures Everyone Needs To Try This Summer

They aren't long, expensive or even outside the UK...

Watch: This Shocking 90 Second Video Will Change The Way You See The Planet

This will inspire you to change your lifestyle and save the world