Greetings from Valdez - Contest Run POV

Just in time for some first ray of sunshine that might indicate that Spring could finally be on its way, we're receiving snow again - but since it's from our girl in Alaska, pillow super star Vera Janssen chatting powder, we don't mind at all! And hope you won't either..

Words by Vera Janssen

Greetings from Valdez Alaska!! It has been a great bluebird week here on Thompson Pass for the World Freeride Chamoionships.

Greetings from Valdez

The second day we jammed the Python Shoulder, right above the Tailgate Basecamp.

Yoko chose a tight chute that she rode in confidence and style, while Iris and I went on a long mission on the ridge to access the farthest-away part of the venue because it was the longest run and had the best snow at the bottom of it. On our way to our drop-in we had to crawl through tight rock holes and balance on the narrow mountain ridge.

The Contest was rider-judged and the media team managed to blast out a 17-minute-edit showcasing everybody's runs.

It was Japanese Yoko Nakamura who took home the Championship Title and the legendary Sword, followed by myself and Iris who still got to take home Daggers (it's gonna look good next to my 2010 Sword).

It is dumping now in Valdez (60cm in 24hrs expected with 20cm on the ground right now) and next week is going to be amazing!!

Check back for another update next week!

Greetings from Valdez - Slough City