Photo: Rahul Singh

Swedish design gurus and style masters WeSC have teamed up with front man of The Prodigy, Maxim, to create a limited edition hoody based on a fur jacket he used to wear on stage. And generous as they are as well, they've give us one of the limited pieces for one lucky reader to rock the festival season in this summer!

All you have to do is enter your email address to the poll before Sunday night, June 16th and keep your fingers crossed our randomiser fairy is with you! But if you have a feeling she might be not, make sure to check out and, as those babies won't last forever...

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Inspired by a fur coat that Maxim wears on stage, he wanted to create something that was inspired by the coat but could be worn everyday, so he came to WeSC with his idea to turn his much loved stage coat into something with a streetwear edge. The original coat was inspired by a skunk, evoking the feeling of danger with its massive white stripe down the middle. WeSC’s and Maxim’s take on that coat is this black and white hoody, complete with the famous white stripe that runs from the peak of the hood and right down the back. It also features The Prodigy’s white ant logo alongside the WeSC logo. This unique piece is a one off collaboration between two brands with a perfect synergy.

Win a WeSC x Prodigy Hoody

Win a WeSC x Prodigy Hoody