“You can find the most amazing things when you choose to walk your own way," say the people at J Shoes. Which is exactly what they’ve been doing with their signature artisan-style shoes. This season J Shoes asked London street artist and musician, Remi Roughe, to design their new ad campaign and produce this stunning one-off piece of work, ‘Foot Prints’, for their flagship store.

Cooler: Your roots are in concrete graffiti, how do you translate that onto canvas?

Remi: I try and retain an element of where I’ve come from in my graphic work and visa versa, so I design a hybrid. That’s not necessarily where it’s going to end up though, as everything I do is in constant turmoil with itself.

Cooler: Talk us through your design process.

Remi: Everything starts by hand – pencil and paper – then it can either go towards spray paint, digital or acrylic, whichever direction it needs to take.

Cooler: What was the idea behind the Foot Prints piece?

Remi: ‘Do the jaywalk’ was the brief, which is J Shoe’s manifesto. I had the idea of doing a guy painting a really large-scale wall but I didn’t know in what context. I was in my studio and found a pot of fluorescent pink acrylic, so I poured it on the floor stood in it, and it went from there. Those are my real footprints.

Congratulations to Bee Jasko who has won this beautiful limited edition print, plus a pair of Capri sandals from J Shoes!