Jack is back with the Adrenaline Junkie Series 1 & 2 double DVD pack, featuring the death-defying challenges from Jack's epic journey around the globe.

The new release is a nine-hour, four-disc boxset featuring Jack's many alternative adrenaline fix missions. From the seemingly impossible task of climbing California’s notorious 3km high El Capitan Mountain, to ‘Muay Thai’ kick-boxing lessons in Thailand and competing in a dangerous professional kick-boxing fight. Cameras were also on-hand to capture the intimate moment Jack “popped his colonic cherry" as part of a brutal 7-day detox, the tears and emotion of completing a terrifying 1000ft free-fall off France’s Verdon Gorge and the fear of taking part in the world-famous Pamplona bull run.

Featuring special appearances and interviews with dad Ozzy, mum Sharon and sister Kelly, Jack Osborne Adrenaline Junkie Series 1 & 2 also includes nearly four hours of footage which is exclusive to DVD, including hilarious behind-the-scenes footage and out-takes and interviews with cast and crew.

Series 1 & 2 boxset is available exclusively at HMV from 12th February 2007 or online at www.clearvision.co.uk.

Congratulations to our 10 lucky winners: Jo Orr, Sharon Lee, Laura Lewis, Aoife McGovern, Georgina Sherman, Donna Davies, Joy Gordon, Julie James, Natalie Blyth and Jan Black.