Win Marshall 'Major' headphones

The rock legends that are Marshall have ventured into a new field and reduced their speakers to a pocket friendly and portable size - without the fancy waffle, they're making headphones now!

And to celebrate that, they gave us a pair of their shiny white 'Majors' to raffle away! And to make sure the winner knows how to appreciate their expertise, we're asking for your favourite rock songs that need to be played so loud you can only really do that with headphones (unless you live in a cave or the woods). Preferably posted to our Facebook wall or sent via email to anna (at), as we're not gonna punish anyone for not giving in to the mechanisation and digitalisation of our lives.

You have time to do so until Sunday, 27th of January 2013 (which is in two weeks), after which we will listen to all your suggestions in a row to determine which we like best and award with the amazing 'Majors'.