Bike enthusiasts that we are, we can't wait for the Bicycle Film Festival to come back to London from October 13-17th, 2010. And because we like to spread the love, we're giving away a pair of tickets for the Saturday and Sunday screenings!

The tickets for the screening on Saturday, Oct 16th, 2pm include the following movies:

Papergirl #3

Just like paperboys deliver newspapers, this group of bikers deliver art, bringing a sense of surprise and joy to the people of Berlin.

Germany 2009 Dir. Aisha Ronniger, Sami Ala-Eddin 12 min.

In German with English subtitles.

Riding in the Circle

Ines Brunn, German acrobat cyclist follows her dream, and finds it on the other side of the earth.

Japan 2009 Dir. Masa Sakamaki 10 min.

In Japanese with English subtitles

And the 1pm Sunday screening includes:

Le Cycliste

Playing with her toy cyclist, a little girl makes her mother arrive late. Angrily, she takes it away from her. But the little girl can barely believe her eyes when she wakes up the next morning....

France 2009 Dir. Armin Mobasseri 5 min.

In French with English subtitles


This girl loves her bike. And she loves her city, Berlin.

Germany 2009 Dir. Tine Papendick & Matis Burkhardt 4 min.

Heels on Wheels

Dresses, high heels and freezing weather is no barrier to arriving at the party on a bicycle.

Denmark 2010 Dir. Anna Bisgaard-Nohr, Naja Nielsen, Nanna Nike Kindtler, Line Roijen 5 min.

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