Depending on your point of view, it's nearly time for the cheesiest/ most romantic day of the year.... Valentine's Day.

Here at Cooler, we think there's nothing wrong with having a little private love party with your favourite person every now and then, but dinner reservations and carnations?

That's just not how we roll.

We prefer to do something a little bit different - whether it's heading out for a sunset surf, a midnight ski or getting hot and sweaty climbing the Peak District.

So, we say forget heart-shaped chocolate boxes and make Valentines Day actually awesome this year.

We've come up with some ideas to make V-Day less cringe and more about having some outdoor fun with your chosen Valentine...


Go embrace your inner kid together and live in a treehouse for the weekend.

Admittedly, TreeHotel in Sweden is a lot swankier and more grown up than anything we played in when we were little, but that doesn't mean you can't still spend all day playing hide and seek in Lule River valley...


Couple bike rides are pretty well documented, but here at Cooler we think we can do better than a country ride followed by a drink at the end.

This year, challenge each other to a coast to coast ride. This 140 mile trail takes you through beautiful forests and trails as well as the bright lights of several UK cities.

The perfect weekend for any couple who's worst nightmare is being stuck indoors on their time off.

foxandfeathers (1)

For anyone who fancies a city break, but shudders at the idea of a romantic weekend in front of the Eiffel Tower, may we suggest a Eurail pass.

The select pass allows you unlimited rail travel across four bordering countries for around €114.00.

Grab a pass, grab your partner, run riot across Europe's cities for three days, and make your own adventure!


If you're going to embrace the spirit of this romantic holiday, why not do it properly.

Go for a weekend away in the wilderness and leave all technology at home. We're thinking a tent or a log cabin in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no phone reception.

This year's present from St Valentine can be each others whole undivided attention!


While the idea of a candlelit dinner on a restaurant boat might seem far to stuffy for your Valentine's Day plans, have you considered going DIY with the idea?

Narrow boats are a great way to have a quirkier type of holiday away. Surprise your other half by having a super fun day playing at being captain, before making your own private dinner date sailing down pretty English riverside at night.


If you want to escape Valentines clichés completely, escape all the way to Africa!

Book a surf trip in Morocco and shred together from down till dusk. The guys at Errant Surf are offering last-minute February surfing holidays with lessons and equipment as well as somewhere to stay included.

Added bonus? Physical activity like surfing boosts the nervous system and heartbeat, making you feel more active all day long... We'll say no more.

star gazing credit gypsy warrior

When it comes to finding the perfect accommodation for the 14th day of the month, it's easier than you think. Just look up.

Pack a couple of bags (and some warm blankets!) and sleep wild for the night.

There's nothing more liberating than going wild and we recommend sleeping under the stars at any opportunity.

However, if there were a night built for stargazing, it's Valentines Day. All you need is each other.

Cliff Jump Credit Ibiza Cliff Diving

The weirdest on this list and our personal favourite is cliff jumping. Why not throw caution to the wind and celebrate your awesome relationship by find some big cliffs to jump off together?!

For those of us feeling flush, Ibiza has some hidden gems in the way of cliff jumping lagoons.

If your feeling the new year pinch however, go extreme with the trip and head to gnarly north Wales for a weekend of running over coastal cliffs and throwing yourself into scary drops into the cold UK ocean.

We promise you'll have the most exhilarating Valentine's Day ever, and there's nothing like a bit of danger to get those giddy feelings going!


While you might smirk at the idea of mastering the cobra position next to your significant other, don't discard a yoga and meditation too quickly.

Many people who share a meditative holiday say they reach a new level of closeness through the opportunity to focus on the time spent together.

A revitalised body, mind and relationship? Sounds pretty sweet to us.


Sharing a hobby with your favourite person is awesome and should be indulged in at any opportunity.

If snow sports are your thing, go for a unique trip this year and take the slopes after dark.

Diavolezza in Switzerland is a well known spot for moonlight skiers and is known by locals is 'fabulu', meaning 'like a fairytale'.

Romance and action in one night? Sounds like a super cool Valentine's Day to us...