Good films have the power to change the way we think and the things we aspire to.

When we were small, we'd see Pocahontas one week and want to jump between waterfalls and clifftops, then see Space Jam the next and want to be a basketball player.

Now we're older, it takes a little more to change our future plans, but every now and again a film comes along that changes us and the way we see the world.

These films made us want to see the world, travel and push ourselves into adventures whenever we can.

If we hadn't seen them, we could have been someone completely different...


The Beach, based on the Alex Garland book of the same name, gives a sense of the danger and excitement of backpacking.

Set in Thailand, the films incredible backdrop will make everyone want to see the country for themselves.

The storyline may be the complete opposite of what you hope to achieve on your travels, yet the spirit of the film will make you want to through caution to the wind and see the world for yourself.


A wonderful film, whether your a Woody Allen fan or not, Midnight In Paris gives a magical and enchanting view of the bohemian capital.

Anyone who has wondered about the appeal Paris has to the rest of the world, will be a total convert by the time the credits roll.

The over arching ethos of the film is an interesting mix of discovery and notsalgia.

After watching Midnight In Paris, everytime you hear the soundtrack, you'll feel as though you're being taken back to the cobbled streets and small jazz cafes of the French city.


This film,recounts Ernesto Guevara's, later to become the icnoic Marxist guerilla, expedition across South America.

You're taken through the early hedonism of his story, into the tougher and more challenging parts of the jourmey.

As you encounter many different types of people and many different ways of life, you can't help but feel as though embarking on your own journey is a inevitable part of your future.


If you have a weakness for both travel and writing, this movie is the one for you.

The very strange plot, which is taken from the book by Hunter S Thompson, focuses on the journey towards finding your way and your voice as a writer.

The setting of Puerto Rico is bizarre and captivating and will secure the island on your travel bucket list.


This new film is taken from Cheryl Strayed's memoir (if you haven't read it, do!) and is a new voice in the history of exploration films.

The story, in which we follow Cheryl through her journey away from her past mistakes, is played wonderfully by Reece Wetherspoon.

By the end of film you really wonder if we all need to push ourselves into difficult situations, to test how well we really know who we are.


The cult surfer film about chasing the perfect wave.

Southern Californian surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, travel around the globe as they search for the best waves in some of the most picturesque locations on the planet.

This iconic cult classic inspired thousands to pick up a board for the first time on its release and still inspires people to follow the wind and travel today.


Ahh, the most badass female roadtrip movie of the nineties.

Thelma and Louise are the bad girls of travel movies who taught us that when life gets too stressful, we all should sometimes 'get out of dodge'

We're not recommending that anyone embarks on this particular roadtrip, however these two ladies make us feel the need for freedom and desire to hit the road like no others.


He's a swotty professor and a dangerous adventurer rolled into one, but the man himself is not what we watch these movies for.

The Indiana Jones movies make us wish we all have jobs that require us to jump on a plane and run through caves and rainforests every few months.

Dodgy looking skeletons and rooms full of creepy crawleys don't stop us from wanting to join the adventure everytime.

Why did it have to be snakes?


The one and only. The ultimate adventurous traveller's film.

While this movie might not have an ending you'd like to replicate in your own life, no film sums up the spirit of travel, escape and adventure quite like this one.

The feeling that Into The Wild leaves you with, stays with you for years after and has pushed thousands of people to finally hit the road.


A lesser known film on this list, One Week follows the actions of a young man who find out he has a terminal illness.

Instead of taking immediate treatment, he travels from Toronto across Canada to Vancouver Island.

Through the sublime Canadian backdrop, the people he meets and the expereriences he has, the film can really change you're view of what you choose to do with your life everyday when you get out of bed.