Every August, 18 years olds across Britain are bricking it in anticipation of their A Level results, some random letters which they believe will determine their future happiness.

They won’t of course. Life is fortunately far too awesome for that. But they will affect where you live for the next three or four years, which is pretty big deal.

Why not go study by the sea? So you can play in the waves and make your uni days, ahem, swell...

Swansea 2

Where you’ll surf: Llangennith, a 5km beach break that works for beginners as well as those who rip.

Pros: There's a surf buses to the Gower Peninsula, a seriously beautiful surf spot. Hill End campsite is a sweet place to stay in September when the waves are warm.

Cons: In the summer, the roads to and from the Gower can get a bit mental - luckily you'll be there mostly in term time.

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Where you’ll surf: Porthtowan

Pros: Falmouth is just a matter of miles from some of the UK’s finest surf breaks. It's a super stunning fishing village with a popular surf club, plus surf school and kit discounts.

Cons: You’re on the south coast, so will need to drive to the waves on the northern beaches though it’ll only take 20 minutes or so.

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Saltburn Surf School

Where you’ll surf: Saltburn, the reef and beach breaks either side of a Victorian pier below the towering rock face of Huntcliffe.

Pros: Think faded seaside glamour meets North East surf mecca.

Cons: The sea isn’t the most azure of blues and locals can only dream of the jetstream-heated breaks the Cornish and Welsh surfers are lucky to have.

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Highlands Surf

Where you’ll surf: The main campus is located in the world-class surfing town of Thurso. Keep your eyes peeled for famous surfers when the swell is up.

Pros: Scotland is known for its quieter waves, plus how many people can say they live in a town with a world-class break?

Cons: It's freaking cold and very remote. It also snows here, often....

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Where you’ll surf: Aberystwyth Harbour Trap, a left and right hand peak off a boulder reef.

Pros: There are a good choice of waves here, plus a nice community feel to the student town.

Cons: They do have a bit of a sewage problem, plus it's miles away from any decent party towns.

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Coco Ho Hawaii

Where you'll surf: Ala Moana Bowls are just a 15 minute drive away, plus the notorious Pipeline and plenty of gnarly reef breaks on the North Shore are under an hour's drive.

Pros: It's got warm water, unbelievable waves and the campus is 45 minutes from every surf spot on Oahu. They even have their own swell reports sourced on site.

Cons: Errr.... No, we can't think of any.

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Where you'll surf: Steamer Lane

Pros: There is so much variety in California: beach breaks, reefs, big waves, crowded points, uncrowded secret spots.

Cons: It can get a bit competitive when waiting for waves down here. Your life will be so great you won't be able to leave, so you'll need to coax a local into marriage and that could get messy...

Sydney Surf

Where you'll surf: Queenscliff, a resonably exposed beach break with good surf at all tides.

Pros: There's a popular university surf club (as you can imagine) and miles and miles of beaches to discover. You'll be living in one of the coolest cities on the planet, plus they have seriously awesome food.

Cons: Hmmmmm.....


Where you'll surf: Carcavelos, only 20 minutes out of Lisbon.

Pros: Lisbon is good-looking party town, under an hour from the surf mecca that is Peniche. You can get down there in the autumn to watch the world's best compete in the RipCurl Pro. When it's quiet, surf the radness that is Supertubos

Cons: If the wind is wrong it can stink of fish. Peniche that is, not Lisbon. That smells of good times.

Univeristy Cape Town

Where you'll surf: Glen Beach, Muizenberg and Big Bay

Pros: Like California, Cape Town has breaks for every level. Muizenberg has some good spots for beginners to catch their first wave, while experienced surfers should head over to the reef break at Kalk Bay or Misty Cliffs.

Cons: You need a car to get around. Some of the wildlife isn't so friendly, in particular sharks...