Yoga is super popular with celebrities. It seems like anyone who's anyone is seen walking out of a studio with a mat under their arm at some point.

Some famous face are real yoga converts and have made it a part of their daily routine.

From making yoga videos to having healthy Instagram feeds to rival Gwyneth Paltrow, check out the famous yogis who have discovered the joy of the savasana...


Julianne Moore went on a public health kick recently, claiming that everyday exercise and yoga changed her health completely.

Julianne practices ashtanga yoga, also sometimes known as power yoga.

This involves synchronising the breath with a series of poses in order to produce internal heat and encourage sweating.

Ashtanga is thought to be purifying for the body and improve circulation and flexibility.

Ellie Goulding Yoga

Here at Cooler, we love Ellie Goulding's take on exercise.

The UK singer, who recently lead a Barry's Bootcamp session, relies on yoga to keep her body in shape to keep up with her high energy lifestyle.

The singer describes the time she spends doing yoga as an 'escape' from her busy routine.

"If I'm at home in London, ideally I like to try and fit in a couple of bikram yoga sessions a week," she told The Huffington Post.

We wish more celebrites would take a leaf out of Ellie's book when talking about fitness.


Lena Dunham has not always been known as a Hollywood fitness advocate - her well-known jogging scene in HBO's Girls is a testament to that.

However, over the last few months, the writer/director/actor has started working out with a mix of cardio and yoga - and has been waxing lyrical about its charms on the internet.

A known sufferer of OCD and anxiety, Dunham says that exercise is the best way she has ever found to deal with her moods.

"It ain't about the ass. It's about the brain," she said on Instagram. Hear, hear!


Perhaps one of the most well-known yogis, Jennifer Aniston is very vocal about her love for the practice.

It has been long discussed that yoga is the reason behind Aniston's amazingly toned arms.

Although we think that a lot more effort than a few night's over yoga must go into Ms Aniston's famous figure, we have to admit, she does have that lean yoga look perfected!


Lady Gaga loves yoga and loves taking pictures of herself doing yoga.

She has been pictured doing yoga at home, in a sauna, in her underwear and on a surfboard among other variations.

We'd love to join her for a class to see what yoga with the lady of pop is actually like.

Of course, because this is Lady Gaga, you won't catch her in a gym kit.


This picture might make it look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes for calm and composed workouts from this picture, but that is not the case.

The model and actor uses yoga to balance out her hardcore boxing sessions.

We are big advocates of changing up the type of exercise you give your body and think that Rosie has got the right idea combining these two workouts.


Lea Michele is one of the healthiest and fittest people in Hollywood.

The Glee star's Instagram is jam-packed full of hot yoga, outdoors yoga and hikes alongside healthy and clean eating.

Check out her past interviews on yoga and fitness to see what an inspiringly healthy person she really is.


Miranda Kerr doesn't just love doing yoga in her spare time, she's started to become a serious part of her daily routine.

Through Charlotte Dodsen Yoga, Kerr has started doing her own short yoga classes.

Check out the site here to have your own private yoga class with the famous fitness junkie.


Is there nothing this women can't do?!

In her downtime, away from her daily routine of world domination, Beyoncé took some time to post this yoga picture to her Instagram.

Can we look like that in our yoga class please?


Naomi Campbell has got her headstands DOWN.

The super model is known to combine yoga with her high intensity workouts to keep her famous figure perfect.

Even supermodels need some time away to reconnect with their zen...