Melody sky

The action sports industry is expanding faster than you can say "Whaaaat a girl skater signed for Nike!?" so there must be a lots of jobs up for grabs, right?

If you love to surf, skate or snowboard, there are a few... So why not make your love, your life?

Here’s our list of ten shred-tastic jobs for women... Amazing life guaranteed!

Faye Young

Grab the first run on fresh snow every single day. I’d do any job for that.

You’re an important part of the daily operation of the mountain, and that friendly face to influence any skier/rider’s experience.

Enjoy the rad view at work in the fresh outdoors in the beautiful Alpine scenery – definitely beats sitting in an office in grey old London all day.

Who? Nikita rider, Faye Young helps shape the Vans Penken Park Mayrhofen. She’s also featured in one of our winning A Brit Weird edits.

You could even reach for the sky and look up to Jen Brill, who owns her own ski resort!

How? Depends where you want to go! Take a look at what it’s like to be a lifty at Whistler Blackcomb, or watch this video for a day in the life of a Perisher lift operator.

Zoe Cotton

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have the sea sense we do.

Every year in the UK, 7000 beach-goers get into serious difficulties.

You surf? If you’re already good at paddling, and can swim 200m in under three and a half minutes, then you can be on the beach all day as a lifeguard (and probably squeeze a few surfs in). Plus you’re doing something to help others.

Who? Read all about Zoe Cotton, a beach lifeguard and surfer from Cornwall.

How? The RNLI patrol over 200 beaches in the UK and Channel Islands. Visit RNLI to find out how to get involved.

Melody Sky 2

You understand the sport being photographed and filmed, therefore you know where to find the best angles and shots.

There’s a huge market for video editing in every aspect of the action sports industry. The internet allows us to promote, promote, promote and we all love a good short film of our favourite athlete in action.

Grab a camera, get creative and see how it goes. Whether it works out or not, your mates will love you for getting some sick shots of them in action.

Who? Meet Jenna Selby, filmer, photographer and Rogue Skateboards founder. Melody Sky is a action sports photographer with some amazing work in her portfolio. Last week we ran this interview with Kirstin Scholtz lead snapper on the ASP Women’s World Tour.

How? Check out the Red Bull Illume Image Quest for some of the most inspiring action sports photography on the planet. Keep checking our photo competitions and you might even win something!

Lyndsay Mclaren

The action sports industry is capitalising on “the purchasing power of women". So what if we rip on a board better than a guy? We still like to shop!

The range of products and the number of people buying them is growing. There are hundreds of action sports brands that need selling. That’s your job.

Who? Lyndsay Maclaren is the marketing co-ordinator for action sports equipment distributer, Ultra Sport Europe. She’s also a rad sponsored longboarder. Check her out on our This Is Me feature all about Lyndsay Maclaren here.

Our very own Cooler writer Hannah Bailey runs a PR and creative freelance agency, Neon Stash. Take a look!

Where? Prime & Fire are a London based action sports and lifestyle marketing agency, who like Cooler sit under the Factory Media tarpaulin.

They devised, built and managed the HTC One Skatepark where the epic Cooler girls only sessions took place.


If you’ve got passion for a sport, then there’s no reason why you can’t write about it.

Action sports media is an exciting industry to wrap yourself in. It allows you to follow your passion with more purpose and to share the awesome things you see and do with others.

Who? Read about Anna Thompson, BBC Sport Reporter who just attended her fourth Winter Olympics. She told us how much of a privilege it is to interview our amazing sportsmen and women.

Also check out Thea Mcdonald-Lee, freelance journalist and surfer.

How? Us here at Cooler, and the Mpora action sports network are owned by Factory Media – Europe’s leading specialist sports media company.

I can vouch that although competitive, it’s an amazing job to read, write and delve into the lives of those people that really bring our sports alive.


Whether your first love is surf, skate, bike, board or ski, why not become a coach and share your talent with others?

There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching someone nail a trick knowing that you helped them.

If you’ve already got the skills, it’s such an easy course to take to guarantee you stay in the waves/snow/park/dirt and get paid to do it.

Who? Peep our pro chat with Gwen Spurlock as a pro surfer and coach to Surf Sistas girls surfing days.

We've also chatted with Corinne Evans, surfer, model, and coach for Corinne’s girls surfing days.

Have a look at This is me: Tammy Esten, who is the founder of the Mint Snowboard School in Morzine, France.

Lel Tone is a heli-ski guide, check her out too!

How? Wherever you surf/board/skate, ask around about courses and jobs available. If you’re experienced, you’re often difficult to turn down!

Victoria Jones

Art and action sports go unsurprisingly hand-in-hand.

We all want our boards to look good, and that’s where illustrators come in. Board design, deck artwork, surfboard sprays, the (extreme sports) world is your oyster.

Who? Check out our This Is Me chats with some really talented girls. Victoria Jones is an illustrator who regularly worked for Nikita and Billabong.

Lili Cowley-Wood works for the East London based screen print skate company, Lovenskate.

Kay Leggott is a skier and artist whose designs adorn Faction Skis, and have a look at Kathy Evans on instagram. Her surfboard artwork for Fourth surfboards uses just Posca Pens and it’s INSANE.

How? This kind of work tends to be fairly freelance. All you can do is ask around, show your designs to as many manufacturers as you can.

Grab some pens and practise at the same time showcasing your work on your own and your friends boards. Posca are the best for surfboards.


Easier said than done, but there’s nothing wrong with having dreams like these eight year old Jenny Jones wannabes clearly do!

If you’re good at something, hard work and dedication can make it happen.

Check out our Pro Chats to see how others have done it.

Steph Gilmore

We have these enormous competitions and prestigious awards to win, just think about the number of people it must to take to organise them.

If you know the sport, there are jobs for you to put your action sport expertise into practice.

Who? Read our chat with Jessi Miley Dyer who works as the Woman’s ASP World Tour Manager. As an ex pro surfer herself, she tells us what’s changed in recent years.

How? Take a look at the work that companies such as Okuru do.

Not only is there the sport itself, but also the music and festival industry that holds the hand of action sports. You could help plan locations, acts, design courses and ramps, build jumps.

Action sports allow room for so much imagination. Dream job, I think so!


New companies providing action sports and equipment are always popping up.

Whether you make the product, or just market it, when done in the right way it can provide a great way of putting your own stamp on the industry.

Who? We spoke to loads of inspirational ladies who took the risk and went at it alone.

Snowboarder, Sara Jeffery founded Tribal Riders shop; Danielle Clayton founded Salt Gypsy Clothing, and Elsie Pinniger founded Neon Wetsuits.

How? Many of the people who create their own business have worked in the industry before to gain experience.

Take a look at the careers section of any surf, skate or snow company websites and keep your eyes open for experience in the buying, designing and marketing areas.