Alkaline diet

The word 'diet' is not regularly heard here in the Cooler office.

While living a healthy life is something we're all passionate about, we tend to go for the 'more is more' philosophy.

We're talking more movement, more sleep, more fun and more deliciously nutritious food.

If you love spending your days running around in the outdoors, a low calorie, low carb, (low fun) diet is the last thing on your mind.

Instead you want to get home and whip up something yummy, filling and good for you.

A good cookbook is one of the nicest things you can buy for your home. It's full of good intentions, delicious future meals and fun dinner party plans.

Be nice to your kitchen and buy it a new healthy cookbook, here are our round up of the best available at the moment...


In Eat. Nourish. Glow. Amelia takes us through the easiest way to leave junk food behind and eat in a more wholesome way.

This book manages to heal you of your bad habits without feeling preachy and, most importantly, never strays into diet book territory.

We love her snack section for really unique and nutritious ideas for small bites, but her breakfast foods are our real favourite.

In real life Amelia runs a nutritional consultation business - which has an eight month waiting list!

Luckily for us, we can get her great tips in one book right here...

isa does it

There are so many health benefits for living a vegan, or part vegan lifestyle, but it's such a pain to keep up.

In this book, Isa Chandra Moskowitz shows the way to make easy vegan recipes that are not only healthy, but also really hearty and delicious.

The rosemary chocolate chip cookies are a recipe that you will be making for years and her coconut chana saag is one hundred per cent incredible.

If you've ever been curious about the vegan lifestyle, Isa Does It is a great way to give yourself a kick-start and give it a go without feeling like you're sacrificing any of your favourite meals.

Deliciously Ella

There's a good chance you've already heard about Ella Woodward, the new darling of the super-fit-it-crowd. Let us just say, the hype is not without merit.

Deliciously Ella's recipes are so light and lovely, it feels as though you are instantly healthier, yet they somehow satisfy and keep you full till your next meal.

The great thing about Ella's recipes are how she creates a unique twists on your favourite food without the need for any Masterchef credentials.

If you're going to try anything from this collection, make it the sweet potato brownies, for a healthier treat with your afternoon coffee.

This book is a must for any long time followers Ella's blog as well as anyone who wants to give their diet a healthy reboot.

Better still- you can pick up a signed copy here!

what katie ate

The follow up to her first book What Katie Ate, Katie Quinn Davies has taken on the daunting task of creating healthy, delicious recipes that can be made for a party, a dinner or large occasion.

The result is a great mix of dishes from all over the world, all with wildly different inspirations, but also all containing Katie's particular edge.

Katie's background in food photography is obvious throughout this glossy hardback, with bright and inviting pictures accompanying the recipes throughout.

We're going to be having a go at the prawn and pickled cucumber noodles above after work tonight!


One of 2014's best selling cookbooks, the Hemsley sisters have really got the handle on how to eat.

There are 150 recipes in this big hardback - all of which are grain, gluten, refined sugar and high starch free.

If you are wanting to lose weight, these recipes will definitely be a great help. However, the best thing about this collection is that it concentrates on foods that boost energy and keep you alert all day long.

Try the broccoli fritters or the stilton, mushroom & quinoa risotto to see what we mean!


We know, we know... Quitting sugar does seem like just another fad, like the new 5:2 diet. But it does seem to have some benefits.

Being more aware of how much of the white stuff we're putting in our body might be a good idea.

I Quit Sugar is not just a book, but a whole online movement,with its own team running the company over many different social platforms.

If you love their super popular Instagram account, do make sure you get your hands on this book.

Not only are the recipes super simple and tasty, but the introduction and guide at the start is really inspiring for anyone trying to make their diet a little less sweet...

Salad Samurai

A hearty base, a zesty dressing, and loads of seriously tasty toppings - that's the basic guide for a great salad according to this new book, Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-to-Make Salads You Don't Have to Be Vegan to Love.

If you think this knowledge means you don't need to read on however, you are mistaken.

Salad Samurai is a really innovative and contemporary look at salads and will make you leave those 'boring rabbit food' thoughts well behind you.

Our favourites are the range of raw oriental salads that are fresh, zingy and in some cases, pretty spicy!

This book may become our new 'quick weeknight dinner' bible!

Alkaline diet

Honestly Healthy is a guide to the alkaline diet. It's super detailed and easy to follow.

The alkaline diet is not so much a diet in the traditional sense, but a new way of eating that aims to banish headaches, bloating, heart disease, muscle pain and insomnia.

It all seems like pretty heavy stuff, but don't worry, it's really not!

In fact, we've found that the foods on the alkaline diet are, well, the foods we'd like to be eating all the time...

We're going to have a go at making a alkaline meal of aubergine pesto rolls, followed by puy lentil, coconut and goat's cheese bake, finished off with lemon and poppyseed almond cake...


Madeleine Shaw is a yoga fanatic, chef and celebrity lifestyle coach. Basically, this woman knows health.

Her book, Get The Glow: Delicious and Easy Recipes That Will Nourish You from the Inside Out is full of everyday recipes to have you feeling great, alongside some pretty tough going cleanses to give you a kick up the butt when you've been indulging a little too much.

We're a little scared of the full-on cleanses, we're going give them a go and see how we fare.

Food And Wine

We all know a little about superfoods by this point, but how often do we ever manage to get them into everyday diet?

This book by Julei Montagu cleverly fits the best superfoods into simple and quick meals so you don't even have to think about it.

All the recipes in here are full of veggies and can be made in super quick time.

After a month of daily superfoods, we're hoping to be super human!