We all try to exercise, but some people seem to love the process way more than others.

For them, working out is simple and easy because they enjoy it so much.

If you've ever looked at a green smoothie drinking, workout junkie and thought that your a million miles apart, we're here to tell you that you're mistaken.

People who really love exercise are the same as the rest of us. They just have some everyday habits that keep their relationship with getting sweaty going strong.

From creating a different mindset to following some sneaky tricks, listen to these secret nuggets of advice and you may never have to feel pre-gym dread ever again...


Your body is a very well behaved machine.

When you tell it you like sitting in front of the TV, it will want to do that more and more. However, when you want to move around, it will embrace that equally.

The more you get yourself moving, the more your body will want you to move.

Give it a couple of weeks of making yourself move and soon you'll be itching to get off the sofa and powerwalking to work.


You've probably read a million articles telling you the best way to workout.

Whether it's mixing your cardio or taking up weight training, it sometimes feels like everybody thinks they have the definitive way to exercise.

Instead of listening to what works for other people, listen to your body.

Did you feel awesome after that spinning class but unmotivated after a run in the park with your friend? Use that knowledge.

Listen to the tips your brain is giving you and follow its lead. You'll find yourself skipping to the gym in no time.


When you start a new exercise plan, it's so easy to get carried away and start working out too much. Don't try to run before you can walk. Turn that treadmill down.

When we put too much strain on our bodies too fast, they retaliate by slowing down the good results, or worse breaking under the pressure, leaving us out of the game.

Guess what? Those who are constantly leading an active lifestyle and loving the gym all year round are probably not working as hard as you, at least not to begin with.

Knowing the difference between good strain of building your body and rewarding yourself with enough rest are the building blocks to falling in love with working out.

Laying around binge watching Community feels so much better when your abs are aching and your body will learn that pretty fast.


Are you pounding the pavement every day and hating it, in the hope that it'll suddenly click and you'll find your inner runner?

Chances are you're playing a losing game.

While all exercises will become easier with time, they don't all suit everybody.

Pressuring yourself to workout one way even though don't enjoy it is probably damaging your relationship with exercise in the long run.

You probably already love to exercise, you just haven't figured which is your exercise yet.

Don't worry, it's out there. We promise.


Working out is a lot of fun with other people, so it's no surprise that people who love to do it tend to be part of a group.

While solitary exercise can be great for focus and stress relief, never underestimate the use of a great workout pal.

Have a look for the best exercise groups around your city.

We bet you'll feel one hundred times more motivated to get your heart racing when you've got your mates next to you.


People who get up at 6am to run everyday must have the willpower of a god, right?

Guess what, they're getting a helping hand.

People who love to exercise in the mornings are feeling the benefit of an early start. Your body rewards early exercise with a better mood for the rest of the day.

We're not going to pretend getting up in the dark doesn't seem like a horrible punishment for the first few times. However, the good news is that feeling will pass.

Remember the lovely feeling of being exhausted at bedtime from playing outside when you were little? You can get that back. It's just as good now you're all grown up.


Are you exercising to make yourself healthier and happier? Losing sight of your goal seems pretty counterintuitive.

Thing is, people who really love getting their sweat on are never really focusing on their goals too much because they don't need the motivation.

The process is the important thing. Fall in love with getting fit and you'll be super healthy without realising it's even happened.


Exercising is a super easy thing to put to the wayside. No one is going to chase you up if you don't work out.

To really love exercise, you have to change your mindset.

Moving your body is just as important as fuelling it. Think of it that way as soon enough getting sweaty when you leave the office will seem as important as making dinner.


Open yourself up to new challenges and you'll never get bored of your exercise routine.

If you're spending 45 minutes on a treadmill, four times a week for three months, the chances are your going to start getting bored. Always say yes to a new challenge in your workout schedule.

If you love it, you've just rejuvenated your motivation to get fit.

If you hate it? You're just going to feel super grateful to return to your normal workout.


Bottom line: exercise is super addictive.

That euphoric feeling people talk about getting after a really good workout? It's real.

Once you've felt it, you'll realise what all the fuss is about.

With a little bit of effort, you really can become a super high energy fitness junkie and struggle to remember why you ever hated exercise in the first place.