yoga class people

Do you notice the same types of people popping up at every yoga class you go to?

Now, we're not saying that all yoga types are the same, just that there's certain traits that pop up more regularly than others...

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Are you a fidgety yogi? Or maybe you're the person with the nice kit? Or the uber flexible Betty at the front?

Here are the 10 types of yogis we see at every class...

Serious Yogi

There's no denying that this person is really good at yoga. They clearly never miss a class.

While everyone else chats and fumbles around on their phones pre-class, they are already set up at the front, practising their breathing.

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If you want someone to keep you on track, grab the spot behind this person.

If you want to feel like you are actually any good at yoga, get a spot where this person is out of your line of vision....


The yoga babe can be male or female.

While this person might not be the most technically skilled in the class, they are still the one with the best 'yoga physique' and style.

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They really do look like a real life Tumblr photo and you will get accidentally mesmerized looking at them at one point during the hour...

Yoga done wrong

This person has missed a few classes and has clearly forgotten the different between the child and the cobra pose.

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Every time downward facing dog comes back around, they have a moment of relief and recognition, before immediately losing track of warrior one and two again.

We have all been this person....


He'll wander in just before the class starts, after tying up his old Raleigh bike on the railings outside.

No yoga kit is necessary for this guy, his everyday harem pants serve as a perfect workout outfit.

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Going from one pose to the next with total control, you start to wonder if you should start meditating when you see him every week.

When the hour is up he'll jump up, wander out and ride away....probably off to a craft beer fair or sculpting class.


Do they actually know the instructor, or are they just super friendly?

Look in the first row of any yoga class and next to the serious guy, there's always someone chatting to the instructor.

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Every class has an instructor BFF set up right in front of the mirrors. You'll never be sure whether they know each other in real life or not.

Just as long as they don't talk during savasana....


There's at least three of them. It's their first yoga class...and apparently it's totally hilarious.

You try to be understanding and remember how weird your own first experience of yoga was, but it's difficult.

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Luckily, this group will reach the height of their giggles around 20 minutes in before realising that stretching does't stay so hilarious for a whole 60 minutes.

Unless you're doing happy baby pose, then you have no chance.

lululemon yoga outfit

Each week that she comes in with a new outfit on, you become ever more suspicious that she's actually sponsored by Lululemon or Sweaty Betty.

This person has the best yoga outfits, with water bottles and mats to match.

When everyone else pulls on their old hoodys and jumpers to go home, they throw over a fantastic shawl or Volcom parka.

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You would quite happily sell a minor body part for their wardrobe...


On the other end of the scale, this girl comes week in week out, but has yet to commit to actual yoga clothes.

With her old trainers and Primark leggings on, she changes between ex-boyfriend and old band t-shirts each week.

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While the yoga bunnies look rocking in their fitted pants, you have to admit, she does look kind of grungy cool in the corner...


"I'll go and do an hour of cardio and meet you in the yoga class for a cool down..."

It's a commonly made mistake and causes a fair amount of mid class snoring.

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While yoga can supplement a more intense workout, it is still a pretty physical hour and your tired body might just say goodnight.

This person can be found in a permanent hare pose, being poked by their sniggering mates.


Some people find it hard to stay awake during savasana. Others however find it hard to stay still.

There will always be one person in the room who just can't wait that extra five minutes to check their phone or make a dash for the door.

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This person must have somewhere super important to go every week.

Either that or they actually don't understand savasana and are wondering why everyone else is just laying around at the end of every class...