Surfing Rat

We’re all guilty of a little Google procrastination from time to time.

Surfing and animals are two things that probably steal plenty of time on your computer screen, especially when there’s essays/emails/invoices (or whatever other boring thing) to write.

We thought we’d bring those two great things together. So here are the ten raddest surfing animals.

Because why wouldn’t your pet pig want to hang ten trotters and get her surf on?

Imagine chilling in the line up and catching this strange sight next to you. If you surf San Bartalo Beach in Peru, you just might see it.

Domingo Pianezzi just stuffs his pet alpacas into flotation vests (safety first), and pops them on the front of his 10ft longboard.

"I’ve surfed with a dog, a parrot, a hamster and a cat, but when I was at a competition in Australia, I saw people surfing with kangaroos and koalas.

"So I thought that, as a Peruvian, it would be interesting to surf with a unique animal that represents Peru," he told The Telegraph.

Pisco is so famous, he even has his own Facebook page. Add him as a friend he might be able to teach you a thing or two.


Here’s the same guy with his cat, Nicolasa. Doesn’t everyone know that cats hate water?

Domingo says Nicolasa loves surfing. As she hangs ten on the nose, we can’t help but wonder if she’s just shit scared of falling in? Maybe that’s why cats shred?

This is the obvious one. Everyone’s heard of surfing dogs. But they’re still worth a feature.

Did you know they even have their own surfing contests in Australia? Check out the Noosa Festival of Surfing dog spectacular..


There’s no doubt about it. Dolphins carry the stoke for the animal kingdom.

As super intelligent creatures, it’s as fun for them as it is for us. They’re always happy to share a wave with a homie.

If you could be an animal what would you be? A dolphin for sure!


Another natural in the water, this little guy drops in like a pro.

The Gentoo Penguins in the Falklands return to shores surf style. Both fun and practical.

We think this might be the real life Kelly Slater or Rob Machado from the surfing penguins film, Surf's Up.

Pigs may not fly, but they do surf. Kama’s story brings waves to our hearts.

He was found abandoned at Bellows Beach, Hawaii by Kai Holt a few months ago. After falling in the pool, Kai discovered Kama could swim surprisingly well, so it was only a matter of time before he got on board.

He’s now sponsored by GoPro, Costco, and even has his own Instagram account, with over 1,200 followers!


Similar to horse boarding, we’ve also got horse surfing.

Strap a wakeboard to your feet and attach a rope to errrr.... a horse and there you go. There are even competitions emerging in France, hitting ramps and throwing tricks.

It looks fun but pretty damn painful when you bail...

This mini surf and skate team (consisting entirely of mice) were taught to ride by owner Shane Wilmott, who’s been training mice for over ten years.

“They love it!" Shane told "Mice are built to surf and skate because their centre of gravity is so low. When they do fall off, they want to get straight back on board."

Surfing and skating isn’t even their limit. Check out their Facebook Page to see their beach house, jetski, speedboat, and rally car adventures too.

There are even pictures of snapped boards from ‘Mousy Teahupoo’ on there. Without a doubt, they’re the raddest mice in the world.

Over on Pismo Beach in Cali, you’ll find this highly talented and rather famous family of surfing goats.

Check out their website and Facebook page to follow their surfer lifestyle.

Swans also get their own kick out of surfing (without needing to be plonked on the nose of a longboard by a human).

Check out the video below of these swans surfing in Kirra, Australia - and they ACTUALLY seem to be enjoying it.