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How many times have you stared at your computer screen, wishing you could quit your job and travel the world?

People talk of quitting those jobs all the time, but how many actually take that leap? Well, it's more than you might expect.

I had a friend who simply Googled the words "surf jobs" - and ended up working as the marketing manager for a travel company, splitting her time between the Alps and Portugal. You never know where you'll end up.

We've put together a few inspirational tips in case you need that extra push to hand in your notice and book a one-way ticket across the world...

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Worried that you don't have enough money or you'll run out along the way?

Buying a one-way ticket to Sri Lanka with no money left in your bank account isn't the wisest of moves... But travelling isn't as expensive as it seems.

Pick the right country for you. For us Europeans, travelling around Asia is incredibly cheap. As travel writer Matthew Kepnes learnt, you can travel and live in Asia for four months with just £2,000.

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Say you've got a masters in International Development or you're going to invent the next app that will take the world by storm.

Those skills don't just disappear because you've decided to travel for a year.

If anything, you become a more well-rounded, interesting person if you can explain to your employer why you decided to take time out and what you've learnt from your travels.

Just make sure you're experience amount to more than just drinking beer and learning to order a cheeseburger in Thai.

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If you've trekked across the Sahara, driven a moped through a monsoon in Indonesia or just made your home in a foreign city where you didn't speak the language, you can pretty much tackle anything.

When you're travelling, you've always got to expect the unexpected. You're often thrown into situations where you have to think on your feet - whether it's negotiating with a dodgy ticket seller or finding a bed for the night - you learn a lot from having to work things out on your own.

These are invaluable life skills. Never forget that.

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"You don't regret the things you've done, you regret the things you didn't do when you had the chance."

There's a reason this mantra is so well known. When you're on your death bed, you're not going to remember all those hours you spent toiling over an office desk.

You'll remember those times when you drove a van across the United States with a group of mates or spent the night sleeping under the stars in Outer Mongolia.

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If you don't already have children or a dog or a mortgage, then there are very few things that tie you to one place.

The chances are you'll have one of these things in the future - and then it won't be so easy to jump on a plane and not come back.

Do it now while the only person you're responsible for is you. Think of all the stories you'll have when you do end up settling down in one place.

Travel Baby

I knew a guy once - him and his wife were both teachers. They wanted to get out of the United States and see the world - but they had two children and full time jobs.

Instead of putting their dream of living abroad on the back burner, they pulled their pre-school kids out of school and moved to Tokyo. Since then, they've also lived in Berlin where they teach English and bring their children up among different cultures in the world.

He said it was the best decision they ever made. We need more children who have a greater understanding of how the world works - outside our privileged first world society bubble.

Dim Sum

So, this might not be a reason for everyone, but if you like food then travelling the world will only open up hundreds of cuisines to you.

Tasting real pad thai in Thailand or steaming dim sum pork buns in Beijing or real beignets in New Orleans will always be better than anything you've ever tried at home.

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Travelling is all about meeting people. If you head off on your own, then you'll quickly learn how to make friends.

The result of globe-trotting is you not only make fantastic new friends along the way, but you'll be exposed to ways of living and perspectives along the way.

Broadening your mind to understand how others live is only ever a good thing.

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In the dark ages before the internet, people relied on guidebooks. Before you knew it, shops had closed, hotels changed their names and countries changed currencies.

Thanks to the internet, we now have so many resources at our disposal to help us discover a new place.

Whether it's finding a highly-rated hostel on or sussing out the best breakfast cafe on Spotted By Locals, there are hundreds of website out there to help travellers on the go.

Blogs are also a really good resource for following other like-minded travellers and gaining tips and advice on certain places.

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You might still be worried about the idea of quitting your job completely - but there are often plenty of job opportunities abroad.

More companies are allowing employees work remotely nowadays. As long as you have a laptop and a Wifi connection, the world is your oyster.

Alternatively, maybe this is a really good opportunity to go freelance? It's also easy to work as you travel. Teaching English or working in exchange for food and a bed through Workaway is a really popular option.