£100 doesn't seem like enough money for a holiday does it?

If you live in a big city like us at Cooler, you might be guilty of spending that much on a Friday night after work.

Having a very small budget might make you think that weekend getaways aren't an option.

However, awesome weekend trips for next-to-nothing are possible. They might not be grand. They might not be fancy, but these trips all come in at under £100 and promise to be a whole lot of fun...


If you don't mind slumming it when you travel, a weekend in Amsterdam can be the cheapest European city to visit, as well as the most fun.

Coach travel can be as little as - wait for it- £30 return, if you book you seat in advance.

So, that leaves you with a full £70 to spend when you land in the city of bikes.

Hostels in the centre of the city range from £15 to £35, so it's up to you to decide how much you want to spend and how much you want to save for exploring when your there!


By far the cheapest option on this list, a hiking weekend with your mates can cost you next to nothing and be so much fun.

Whether you fancy a couple days walking across hilltops, around shore-side cliff tops, or just setting up a tent in your own secluded bit of woodland - we guarantee you're mere miles away from your perfect weekend spot.

Check out our interview with Alastair Humphreys on how to wild camp safely and what gear you need to take with you.

All you need is a bit of change for a drink, in case you come across a cosy looking pub at any point.

Surf california

There are some really great surfing spots in the UK, that don't take long to get to from pretty much all landlocked cities.

If you're willing to embrace coach travel or book train tickets in advance, a visit to one of these spots, along with board rental, accommodation and food, can easily come in at under £100.

Woolacombe has just been voted one of the best beach spots in the world and is still crazy reasonable to visit.

If you like to camp, sites are a dime a dozen around the area and are as little as £14 per night for two people in low season and £20 over summer.

If camping is not for you, Ocean Backpacker's hostel in nearby Ilfracombe is a great place to stay and is still only £15 per person.

Cheap digs like this leave you with spending money to rent a board and catch some waves, with money left over for a meal and couple pints in one of the areas' awesome pubs when the sun goes down.

View on Paris

Paris is a city that you really need time to explore properly, but that doesn't mean you can't plan an awesome visit over a couple of days.

Flights from London to the French capital are crazy cheap, coming in for as little as £40 return if you book in advance.

While accommodation in Paris can be as expensive as you want, cheap options are there, if you know where to look.

The rise of Airbnb has brought down European accommodation right down. Check out these options for under £45 for two people!

With so much stuff to see, you just need to figure out how to spend your free time in one of the world's most romantic cities.

biking trip

You know the wonderful feeling of getting in to a cosy, clean bed after a day outdoors?

Trust us, that feeling does not get any better than when you arrive at your room when on a biking weekend.

Instead of choosing one weekend destination, go away for two nights in two different parts of the country and cycle your way between them.

As Londoners, we like the idea of a bike ride up north to somewhere hilly on day one, staying in a cosy countryside pub. Before biking back south the day after, and stopping for an afternoon and night exploring historic Warwick on the way home.

A super cheap weekend that will get you appreciating the outdoors and your own ability to explore. Plus, by the time you get back, you'll feel like you've been on two holidays.


While you may think that spa weekend are a little out of your budget, many are very reasonable and have ongoing deals which make them an awesome cheap trip away with friends.

If you fancy going all out and blowing most of your £100 on the visit, check out La Kalon Spa's £89 visit, which is currently only a fraction of its £180 price.

If you fancy spreading your money out however, there are many other half spa day options available, from £35, leaving you with enough money to find somewhere to stay nearby and explore the surrounding city later in the day when you're feeling fully rejuvenated.


If 'all-nighters' are not your style, feel free to click to the next slide.

For those of you left, how about a crazy 48 hour visit to Berlin's party world?

Berghain club in Germany's capital is world famous and a once in a lifetime experience.

The club opens after midnight, but tends to not really get going till 5am, with the party carrying on till well into the afternoon.

If you're looking for a dirt cheap weekend adventure that's a little extreme, jump on a plane- just to go to one of the world's best parties- then jump on your flight home the next day!

Flights to the city are in the same cheap bracket as Amsterdam, Paris and other European cities and will leave you with enough money for drinks and your much needed hangover breakfast.

We suggest packing some dark glasses for the journey home...


While this last option is not so much of a weekend trip, we're such big fans that we felt we couldn't not include it.

A one country Eurail pass allows you unlimited rail travel for as little as £43. How incredible is that!

If you really want to make use of this brilliant pass, you need a little longer than two days. However, with travel that cheap, exploring Europe's cities doesn't have to be as expensive as you thought.