You might think that to get awesome views and landscapes you have to jump on a plane and head to New Zealand, Canada or somewhere else far away.

That's just not true!

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The UK has some stunning island's full of wilderness and adventure which often get overlooked.

Here are some of our favourite beautiful UK islands that you could easily have a trip to any weekend this summer!

St Agnes Scilly

The furthest south west of all Scilly’s inhabited islands, St Agnes is crazy beautiful.

A perfect place for sailing and enjoying deserted white sand beaches, we love this place so much.

Sark Channel Islands Fitness On Toast

Sark in the Channel Islands is just off the coast of Normandy.

If you want to find somewhere that feels a little magical and is perfect for cliff top roaming, you can't get much better.

Plus a trip to France is just a short boat ride away!


Breacachadh Castle on the island of Coll feels like a little paradise.

With the choice of diving or sailing, we don't think we'll ever want to get out of the water.

The island has miles and miles of white beaches, go for an adventure in the knowledge that you wont be home before dark.


The Isle of Man is usually thought of as beautiful and serene, however there are a lot of rad things on offer here.

VIsit the island to discover the huge amount of diving, kayaking and coasteering available every day, as well as experiencing the culture of motorsport that island is known for.

These views and action to pack?! We're sold.

Lundy Island Devon Cool Camping

As well as looking like this, Lundy Island has another treat up its secret sleeves.

The island has the first designated the first marine conservation area, with opportunities to dive with the local seals and sealife.

Super fun and protects the oceans, we are big fans.

eriskay island scotland

Eriskay Island is one of Scotland's undiscovered islands.

One of the great things about visiting Eriskay is the rugged untouched vibe, with coastlines long enough to spend all day explore.

Needles Isle of Wight

Most people ony know the Isle of Wight from the two pretty massive festivals it holds every year, but it has so much more to offer!

Love cycling? This island has some of the more picturesque trails you could wish for!


Built around a super romantic 16th century castle, Lindisfarne is one of our favourite islands.

Perfect for a real beach exploration day, when the tide is out this island is actually accessible by foot.

Just watch the tide times, when it comes back in you can easily end up stranded!


Barra Island has a silly amount of cool stuff to offer.

Archeological sites, deserted villages, castles, famous ancient monuments and more.

Add on to that some magical treks and amazing sea life and you've got yourself an incredible island break.

Isle of Bute Scotland Joseph George Photography

How beautiful is the Isle Of Bute?!

With only one town on the entire, a visit here really is like a step into the wilderness.

Take a tent, some essentials and have an adventure!

Burgh Island Hand Luggage Only

With its unique sea tractor bringing people ashore, Burgh Island is a little than other islands.

We love how this island manages to combine a seaside feel wit awesome natural beauty without taking away from either.

Well worth a visit next time your visiting Devon.