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There are so many myths surrounding tattoos - whether it's about getting one done or how they'll look when you get old.

In Defence Of Being A Woman With Tattoos

Is it a good idea to take aspirin before you get a tattoo? Does chlorine make the colour fade? Or more scary questions like can you get HIV from tattoos?

So if you're looking for answers to one of those unanswered tattoo questions, it's time to scroll through...

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Yes, this is true. When the needle goes constantly over an area of thin skin and bone, it hurts. Areas on the body which have more fat and skin act as a cushion for the needle and therefore hurt less.

This means getting a tattoo along your spine is way more likely to cause you to grit your teeth than say getting tattooed on your thigh.

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While it might seem like common sense to take a painkiller before you get a tattoo, it's not necessarily.

Some painkillers like aspirin are blood thinners. This can cause you to bleed more while getting a tattoo, which means the colours might be as vibrant.

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There are no cases of people contracting HIV after having a tattoo done (or even a body piercing for that matter).

However, that's not to say you should be wary. HIV.gov says there is a potential risk, so you should always get a tattoo with a properly licensed parlour.

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Chlorine can't get below the first layer of the skin where a needle can, so you don't need to worry about chlorine fading your precious tat.

However, it's probably not such a great idea to go swimming in a chlorinated pool if raw and bleeding still though....

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A lot of tattoo inks contain bone char (burnt animal bones) and resin from shellac beetles. If you're a strict vegan, getting a tattoo could prove problematic.

Never fear. There is such thing as vegan tattoo parlours. Yes, really! They might be few and far between, but they do exist.

Fifth Dimension is one such example in London.

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You can give blood - but there are rules about how long after you've had a tattoo that you can give blood.

Give Blood England and Wales say that you can't give blood in the first four months after getting a tattoo done.

However after that, you're free to donate as you please.

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Between 1961 and 1997, it was illegal to get a tattoo in New York City in America after a hepatitis scare broke out in the 1960s. This meant a number of underground tattoo parlours opened up.

It was illegal inMassachusetts until 2000 - with penalties including jail sentences. Now getting a tattoo is legal in every US state.

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Well, it depends on the hospital. Some anesthesiologists that give women epidurals (a painkilling injection into the spine) when they're giving birth have raised concerns about piercing skin with tattoo ink covering it.

Why? Ink fragments could enter the spinal cord and contaminate the medication.

However, the risk of this happening is very small. Check with your hospital if you're unsure.



Getting a tattoo is nowhere near as painful as giving birth to a child. It does hurt, but it's a very different kind of pain to having a baby.

Ever wondered what it feels like to get a tattoo? The best description we've heard is it's like scratching a bad sunburn. Painful, but nothing like childbirth.

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It is true that colours like yellow, white and pink are the most difficult to remove with laser treatment - while black responds better to laser removal.

However, the more pigments there are in a tattoo, the more likely it is that one won't be removed.

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There are so many older folk that have rad tattoos and still look totally awesome.

If you love your tattoos now and have zero regrets, then the chances that you still love them when you're 90 years old is pretty high.