Morris Minor Traveler

There's something so cool about vintage cars. Whether they are bashed up old VW Beetles and bright yellow Citroen 2CVs, they just look really cool, don't they?

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We wouldn't call ourselves "car people" over here at Cooler, but that's not to say we don't appreciate a good automobile when we see one.

These sets of wheels have got us itching to go on a summer road trip with a picnic in the back, surfboards on the roof and Sean Connery in the passenger seat.

Which is your favourite?

Fiat 500

I mean, it's just so cute...

vintage land rover defender

Now this bad boy will see you ploughing through sand dunes like it's nobody's business...

Maserati A6 gcs Berlinetta

We could picture ourselves driving around the French Riviera in this one...

1948 woodie

The ultimate surf mobile. You could even kit out the back for sleeping in!

Nissan Figaro

Hand's up if you want one of these modern vintage automobiles.

citreon 2cv

The classic 2CV - in bright yellow. Cruise around Europe in it with the roof down. Just don't confuse it with a VW Beetle...

VW Beetle

Speaking of the Beetle, we couldn't go without this classic. Check out that luggage rack on the roof!


Possibly my personal favourite set of wheels of all time. Fun fact: Frankie Muniz of Malcolm in the Middle fame owns one of these classic cars.


This car just says driving down America's Route 66, singing along to Grease, doesn't it?

Morris Minor Traveler

What would we do without Morris Minors? They used to break down all the time, but man they were cool.

Lotus Cortina

Perhaps not as typically cool as your classic Beetle, but we wouldn't say no to a ride in this Cortina.

austin healey 3000

Now, this one's a bit posh but it's just so cool, don't ya think?


And the Fiat 500 again, but it's just so damn good looking...

shelby cobra

We can just imagine cruising around in one of these - with Sean Connery in the passenger seat.