Why stick to boring green two-man tents when there are so many amazing tents out there?

From glowing tipis to hanging tree pods, these tents are pretty out of this world.

This awesome beach tent makes us wish for summer and summer nights sleeping on the sand with the ocean close by.

Check out our other favourite tents to make camping seem a million times more magical...

Yorkshire Yurt image

A super simple and super beautiful yurt. We wonder what it's like inside....


The setting of the world's greatest campfire party. We want to invite everyone we know to hang with us in these connected tents.

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Suspended tents like this one from Tentsile look like so much fun! Apparently you get in and out using a little rope ladder...


The perfect tent for those who lack boundaries and love views...

glamping treadingtiny

Jeeeez Louise, this a pretty swish pad to relax in the middle of the forest!


Bored of camping on the ground like everyone else? We're digging this hanging pod with views out to the ocean.

glampung festival times

This traditional tepee looks like the perfect setting for a romantic dinner under the stars.


This tent has the comfort of your house, but with the great outdoors just metres away.

glamping quinncooper

This hippie style tent is getting us in the mood for a festival....


How cool is this traditional style abode! Let's all go live the yurt life.

cmapy camp trend

We're ashamed to say that the inside of this tent is decorated better than our actual bedroom...


If woodland fairies started sleeping in tents, we imagine they'd choose something like this.


For anyone who hates putting tents together, this one from Heimplanet is inflatable and 100% pole free

glamping quinncooper 1

Finally, let us not forget the magic that can be created with a couple of bed sheets and some string...