1) If you love being in the outdoors, it's pretty much paradise

Photo: Canadaka

2) They have endless powder...

Photo: Stock

3) Amazing surf...

Photo: ESPN/Chris Burkard

4) And world-class mountain bike trails

What more could you ask for?


5) Adventure is practically their middle name

Adventure Woman

6) It's home to the friendliest people on earth


7) They have polar bears...

Photo: Stock

8) Beavers...

Photo: Stock

9) And the world's greatest snack, poutine

Chips, gravy and cheese, don't you know?


10) You can order root beer in a restaurant and they won't give you strange looks

Photo: A&W

11) Their whole population could fit into the state of California

canada people

12) And despite popular belief, it's not cold all year round...

sunbathing boat

13) They've been inclusive way longer than most countries


14) And everything is generally very, very safe


15) In case you haven't been swayed just yet, we'll leave this here for you...

Photo: Stock

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