hammock selenasage

Don't hammocks just sum up the perfect beach bum life?

When your lucky enough to be spending time in a sunny paradise, there's nothing easier than stuffing a hammock into a backpack, then stringing it up between two trees when you fancy a sunbathe or reading break.

We decided to have a little fantasy of dreamy summer living this morning and have decided that the hammock life is the one for us.

Here's the hammocks we wish we could be working from today....

Chris Burkard Iceberg Hammock

This simple frame shows how the hammock itself doesn't need to be fancy, when the view looks like that

hammock wetravelandblog

....Or having an adventure with our mates in a hammock hundreds of feet above the ground.

Ocean Hammock

Being here with a good book and a smoothie, pretty much sums up our perfect morning.

hammock trinityinfinity

And our perfect night would be in these hammocks around a campfire!

Bed Hammock

How great is this? A hammock/bed - perfect for an afternoon snooze

© Sebastian Wahlhuetter | www.wahlhuetter.net | sebastian@wahlhuetter.net

These guys have made a festival totally based around getting your hammock life on and sleeping in the sky!


This hammock is super idyllic. Anyone else starting to feel like they need a nap?

Rowing Hammock

Well, we'll give him points for originality...

hammock by lake reading

All you need is a book and a lakeside view.

hammock forwallpaper

You can have a perfect hammock afternoon in your back garden...

Dream Hammock

Pad it out with some comfy pillows, add your favourite magazines and you're all set for an ideal afternoon.

Hammock Ocean Yacht

For something more exotic, find a hammock dangled over the ocean...

Eno Hammocks

Or take one on a hike with you and string it up in the forest.

Bali Hammock

We want to be here. Right now.

hammck digdgis

And when its super cold, there's nothing to stop you living the hammock life indoors!