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There is no better place to live than in the mountains.

Fresh alpine air, stunning views, powder on your doorstep in the winter and hiking trails which open out onto lakes in the summer.

Whether you live in the city or spend your life dreaming of the mountains, we know how you feel.

Here are 18 photos that will have you hankering for snow-covered peaks in no time...

Day 18 of the John Muir Trail and we summit Mount Whitney in the dark just in time to see the sun come up over the valley Nick Ocean

Start your day the right way, like photographer Nick Ocean here. He decided to hike the John Muir Trail in California, USA. This photo was taken on day 18 after a night spent on the summit of Mount Whitney.


Dogs and mountain life go together like peanut butter and jam. You won't know how good life can be until you have both.


If we could live here, we would. It's compact, isolated and has the best view around. Take a look at more amazing cabins here.

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One of the greatest pleasures about living in the mountains is cooking your dinner on an open camp stove and eating it under the pine trees.


Who needs coffee and a hot shower when you get morning views like this?


You don't get views this beautiful in the city... Take your van up into the switchback creases of the mountain and admire the surroundings.

kern ducote 2

There's nothing like the sun bouncing off the mountains in the morning to give you goosebumps.

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There are few things more beautiful than a perfect inversion. It makes you feel like you're standing on top of the world.

margaret bernhardt

Nothing needs to remain stagnant. Just grab your a couple of sleeping bags, some supplies, two dogs and make for the horizon.

Mt Dickerman Washington an-adventurers

There's no point having a tent unless you pitch it somewhere with a view that makes you stop in your tracks. Like Mount Dickerman in Washington, USA.

"Life is simple when you live simply," as wise woman once said. Take things back to basics. Live off the land. Respect the environment. Appreciate the good things in life.

night time snow shoe

OK, we all love spending a night in front of Netflix - but how about taking off on a moonlit snow shoe instead? The night sky is just as entertaining to watch.

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Backpack? Check. Hat? Check. Socks and sandals that so few can pull of successfully? Check.

When the temperatures rise, the mountains are one of the best places to be. Take a new book and sit on the banks of your favourite watering hole.

one life himalayan expeditions

Taking your feet off the beaten track is always a good idea. Head to a remote corner of the wilderness and see what there is to find.

the oregon scout

When the snow settles in, it's time to hunker down in a log cabin with a fire, a good book and a hot dinner on the table.


Nothing beats a summer evening with a few bottles of beer, a deck in the sunshine and good friends...


Where would you rather be?