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Ever since watching Sleepless in Seattle, I've wanted to live in a floating house.

Not a canal boat (although there are some amazing examples of those dotted around London's canals) but a fully-fledged two storey house built over water. You can canoe to the shops. How amazing would that be?

We've put together a few of the world's most amazing houseboats. If you won the lottery, which one would you buy?


First up: we couldn't go without including the Sleepless in Seattle house itself. Yes, the real one.

Located on Lake Union in Seattle, it's been given a little makeover since the film - and we still think it's out number one house to live in ever.

The couple who owned it bought it 21 years ago for $550,000. They just sold it last year for $2 million!

Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor Richmond CA. P CT Young

How great is this colourful home in Point San Pablo Yacht Harbour in Richmond, California?

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This isn't one house in particular, but who wouldn't want to live on this water lane?

house boat

Wendelien Sluis lives in this snug little pad on the 17th century canal in Amsterdam. The interior photos are totally gorgeous. Check them out on The Kitchn here.

Powell Lake in Coastal British Columbia P Margy Lutz

How about living in a two-story house built on giant supporting logs in the middle of Powell Lake, British Columbia?

It gets power mainly from solar and wind sources - and it's even got a floating vegetable garden! Read more here.


Lake Union in Seattle, USA is famous for it's floating boats. Check out this amazing example with a rickety wooden roof and an amazing sun deck.

Patinamoon 2

This one's even got it's own water taxi!

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Floating homes are a really affordable way to live. This one belongs to Ms. Macguire and her husband - it's got a gangplank to enter the house and a blooming roof garden. See more photos here.

amsterdam canal home

We're not entirely sure where this cute floating home is located, as taken by photographer Asher Moss.

However we love the unusual shape and bike locked on the front porch.

Rivierenbuurt Amsterdam The Telegraph

This Dutch creation sits in Rivierenbuurt, a stretch of river in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It was designed by Ronald Hooft who is known for coming up with the plans for some of Amsterdam's coolest restaurants.

Inside, there are two bedrooms, a sauna and a cinema room. Swanky!

Read the full story here.

P Florian Holzherr

This super modern construction sits on the edge of Lake Huron in Ontario.

Water levels vary quite dramatically in the lake throughout the year. This house sits on steel pontoons, allowing it to float up and down with the changing water levels.

floating home seattle washington

I wouldn't want to guess how much this amazing pad is worth today...


This home takes house boats to a whole new level...

sausalito house boat P Chris Hardy

Houses don't get much more unusual in shape than this one. How is it still standing? We'll never know. But we would like to live in it.

Houseboat Reflections of North America's Floating Homes... History architecture, and Lifestyles P Ben Dennis and Betsy Case

This mystery house looks pretty idyllic.

The photo was taken in the 1970s and included in a book called Houseboat: Reflections of North America's Floating Homes.

It just goes to show floating homes have been a favourite for nearly fifty years!


Another gorgeous example with it's own canoe, outdoor grill and potted plants on the deck. Nice!


There must be an unspoken rule about houseboats that you can paint them any colour you like - and they'll still look good!

floating sauna finland P architizer

Only in Finland would you find a floating sauna decked out with hammocks, so you can relax in the sun after your steam.

Plastic drums under keep the sauna afloat. It also has an outboard motor, so you can move it around. You just need to pick where to go.

Take a look at more photos here on Facebook.


Doesn't this house look like something out of Harry Potter? We love this shot by Liz Shelestun.

Floating Pied A Terre P

Floating abodes don't get more stunning than this nautical themed one.

Where is it based? Seattle, Washington, of course. Check out more amazing photos of it here.

houseboat seattle

Just a handful more of the houseboats of Seattle - this one's got it's own slide into the water.

Country living

The base for this house is made from plastic drums, Styrofoam and pontoons. It was dragged out in to the water - and then the house was built on top.

They fill up the water tanks daily via. canoes and it's lit up at night by candles and solar lighting. More photos here.