Home Wall Art Mural 20 Kinfolk - Astro Coffee Detroit P ee berger photography

Ever dreamt of having an awesome mural in your house?

We definitely have. But the bad news? We're not naturally very good artists. It turns out that totally doesn't matter.

20 Awesome Surf Inspired Homes You’ll Want To Live In

From commissioning illustrators (if you've got the dollar!) to buying amazing stick-on decals from Etsy, there are plenty of ways to make your boring white walls look awesome.

We've put together a few of our favourite wall murals out there right now...

Home Wall Art Mural 2 A Beautiful Mess

There are no other words for this gold moon mural - other than fantastic. It's simply fantastic.

The mastermind behind it is Laura Gummerman on blog A Beautiful Mess.

Home Wall Art Mural 3

Chevron designs make small rooms look larger and more dramatic, according to Los Angeles designer Kyle Schuneman.

Home Wall Art Mural 7

Floral patterns to brighten up a boring white wall? Yes please.

You can buy this mural here as a decal.

Home Wall Art Mural 1

Jump on the watercolour trend and make your wall look like the ocean. You can buy the mural sticker here.

Home Wall Art Mural 4

Man, this wall mural is too cool.

Buy the triangle decals and create your own design here.

Home Wall Art Mural 5

This industrial space just got super retro with this cassette decal.

Home Wall Art Mural 6

Is it wood? Is it just some abstract pattern? Who knows!

We think it looks rad - and it comes from Urban Outfitters.

Home Wall Art Mural 8

Can't paint your walls? Go for a DIY panel effect like Jessie from Mini Penny did here.

Home Wall Art Mural 10

This decal is amazing - it doesn't leave any marks on the wall but it looks like it has been painted on! Buy it here.

Home Wall Art Mural 9

It's a bit girly - but we like it.

Home Wall Art Mural 11

Not sure what to do with your blank wall? Turn it into an artistic blackboard.

Home Wall Art Mural 12

Children's bedrooms are a great excuse to paint a mural. Illustrator Leah Bartholomew painted this Matisse style mural on this wall.

Home Wall Art Mural 13 Design Sponge Bakeri in Greenpoint Photos by Max Tielman

Now, this is one rad decorated bakery in Brooklyn, New York called (aptly) Bakeri.

Home Wall Art Mural 19

Elephants, elephants, everywhere...

Home Wall Art Mural 16 lucie berry etsy

You can actually buy this mural. Yep, really. It's not just painted onto the wall. Purchase this fine piece of art from Ane Wall Decor on Etsy.

Home Wall Art Mural 15

Surround your desk with motivational quotes, like My Attic here.

Home Wall Art Mural 21

It's not cheap, but man this watercolour mural decal is gorgeous....

Home Wall Art Mural 14

Twee just got digital with this cool pixilated rose. Find out how Mrs. Ferguson did it on her blog.

Home Wall Art Mural 18

We want this on our wall so bad.

Home Wall Art Mural 17

Murals don't just have to be on walls - they can go over doors too..

Home Wall Art Mural 20 Kinfolk - Astro Coffee Detroit P ee berger photography

Another coffee shop with a mural we could totally get on board with, as shown in Kinfolk magazine.

Home Wall Art Mural 22

Orange, white and wood? Sounds weird, but it works... Check out the full makeover on Vintage Revivals.