Sloggi Skateboarding

Thinking of buying your first skateboard? Congratulations! It's something you will literally never, ever regret.

There are a whole field of problems you can find when choosing your first board. Which is why we've put together a few tips about what not to do when buying your first board....


Yes, your local sports warehouse offers a lovely shiny plasticky-looking number with a ‘cool’ graphic and wheels attached already, but BEWARE! Going cheap will most likely not be cheerful. More likely, it will be unrideable.

If you need proof, check out the pros testing out some $20 boards on The Berrics Extremely Cheap Skates.

Ok ,they don’t do too bad, but if even Nyjah Huston and Curren Caples are having problems, then we’d steer clear.

Atypical skateboard

Sometimes you really, really like a skateboard deck simply for its graphic. That’s ok, they are like pieces of art!

But if you really want that graphic staying scratch free, then keep it on your mantlepiece.

Your board is going to get destroyed or you’re not doing it right.

Skate deck shapes

You’ve decided to hit the park to learn to skateboard. And a board’s a board right?

You might be tempted by that retro looking deck, maybe have an old longboard from years ago or you’ve been waiting to take out your Santa Cruz Homer Simpson head.. but wait they might not be right for progression.

If you want to learn to skate in the mini, pump round the bowl, do a few flatland tricks, your best bet is to go conventional.

As a girl, a 7.75"-8" will likely do your feet justice.

Cruise to the park on your penny, then switch it up!

grip tape skateboard

You’ve just bought a new deck and are admiring the wood grain top sheet. Wow, it’s so shiny and pretty.Time to put the trucks and wheels on and off you go?

Wait a minute, something’s not right here. Don’t forget to grip your board (it could totally happen).

If you’re buying a deck, more often than not, you will get free grip tape. Score!

Gripping your own board is therapeutic (although you can normally ask the skate shop staff to do it…)

hannah skate

You might decide not to invest in a board, just borrow one here and there. But that defeats the point of skating, limiting its accessibility!

The fact that you can just grab your board and roll outside! Plus if you have your own board, you are likely to skate more, so no excuses.

Get shopping!