Thinking of buying your very first surfboard? Hells yeah! You're a true surfer now.

You will never forget your first surfboard. It will see you through the good times (and possibly a few bad) but it's definitely a worthwhile purchase if you're looking to take your surfing to the next level.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your first real surfboard...

P.S. Bear in mind, this article is for people buying their first surfboards. If you're already well versed in the basics, then enjoy this instead...

surfboard ebay

We love eBay, don't get me wrong.

It can be one of the best places to get a bargain, but on the downside you can get scammed or just not really understand what you are buying.

We've heard of many, many people pick up a battered toothpick of a surfboard off eBay for £25, only to realise they can't catch any waves on it.

We would recommend getting down to a well-respected surf shop with a big range of boards - both second hand and new. They can advise you in person about what's the right board for you.

the surfer

Yes, that turquoise and purple shortboard will look great tucked under your arm at the beach - but will you actually be able to surf it?

If it's your first board, the chances are you're going to doing something stupid with it - like leave it propped up against a car in a gravel car park. Not that we'd ever do something so kooky....

Get a decent board that's the right shape and size for you, you can always decorate it yourself if you think it looks a bit dull.


Biggest mistake beginner surfers make? Buying a board that's too short for them too soon.

If you buy a board that looks rad but is too short for you, you will really struggle to catch waves. No one wants to hate their first board because it's holding them back

Ideally go for something over 7 foot (if not bigger, depending on your size). I loved learning on a 9ft longboard. It was super buoyant and caught waves so easily.

surfboard size

As we any other board, you don't want to just pick a random shape and go with it.

There are so many different types of surfboards - from short fish to chunky minimals to noserider longboards.

I learnt on a 9ft longboard and absolutely loved it. However, many people enjoy learning on minimals because it will enable you to learn to turn easier.

We would say it's definitely worth getting a super floaty board - one with more volume - to start with. It will help you paddle and catch waves far easier than maybe a 2 inch thick board.

surf wax

If you've bought your first hardtop board, don't forget to wax it.

You're probably used to riding a foamboard which requires no wax whatsoever. However, your new board will.

If only we had a pound for the number of times we've seen people slipping around on unwaxed boards like drunk seals...

Check out this video from Stoked Yogi about waxing your board properly.