From a giant inflatable head of Lionel Richie to a census for squirrels, there are some crazy Kickstarter campaigns out there.

The crowdfunding site, which allows independent ideas from all different areas of the world put forward their ideas and ask the public for funding, is used by hundreds of thousands of people.

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The surfing world has quickly caught on to getting new gadgets and projects funded through the site and we love the campaigns coming through!

Here are six of the craziest and most ingeniuos surfer Kickstarter campaigns of 2015 so far....


We like to think of ourselves as pretty eco-conscious surfers, but to be honest, we never have considered the amount of beeswax we use to get our stoke on.

The company Stinger Surf however, thought about just that and have created a wax which both cuts down the amount of wax used and supports helping the bees.

The wax, which is made of a mix of beeswax and coconut milk, is handmade and wrapped by the team.

Even better, some of the price for each bar goes to helping conserve the bees and creating a sustainable system for hives.

The small company managed to raise £1546.82 through their campaign!

Check out their video below.


We Rise Together is an independent film looking to show the stories of female surfers.

Filmmakers Adam Reynolds and Shane Passantino went to Kickstarter to fund the film and get the word out about the project.

The film follows Eveline Van Brande, Taylor Nelson, and Anna Ehrgott during a 2-day sailing adventure in Southern California, among other women's adventures and stories.

The film is now completed and has been entered into film competitions around the world.

Check out the trailer:


Every surfer knows the pain of pulling on a freezing, soggy wetsuit at the beach on a chilly day.

The Surf Bucket is a wet suit warming device, an organiser, and a container for your rinse off water.

The product will keep your wetsuit in good condition and make it toasty warm to put on!

The Kickstarter for The surf Bucket hasn't been launched yet, but we will be crossing our fingers for it's success when it does!


For every surfer, drowning is one of the biggest threats when in the water.

Now one company thinks it might have the answer to making surfing a safer sport.

The Kingii is an inflatable airbag that you wear on watch strap which can pull you up to the surface and keep you there if you’re struggling.

The campaign raised £26052.44 in its first day and has continued to raise since then.

Super simple and even if it only saves one life, super effective.

You can pre order a Kingii now for £49 and support its campaign here.


Luke Cederman wants to join the World Surf League, however he doesn't have sponsorship and he doesn't have the money.

So he's asking for $300,000 on Kickstarter to take him to the pro series! The lazy man's dream...

Of course, this campaign is not actually making any money and is more of a joke!

Check out his hilarious campaign video below..


Most wetsuits have a key pocket on the sleeve, to keep valuables safe while you're in the water.

The invention of electronic car keys however, have made this pocket basically useless.

Keebunga has invented the world's first totally waterproof key case which allows you to safely hold your key in your wetsuit without causing it any damage!

The company, which is interested in creating products that won't end up in landfills, say that the key holder is totally reliable and will not let your key get wet.

This kickstarter did not achieve its funding goal, but that has not stopped the company at all.

With the product now soon to be launched, check it out here and in the video below!