It's getting closer and closer to the time of year where we want to spend all of our free time in with nature and the sunshine.

Early summer is our favourite time to strap on a backpack and head out in the morning sun to find what fun is waiting our in the fields!

One thing we can never be bothered with however is over complicated picnics and loads of sandwich boxes and bags pulling us down.

So we can all escape into the wild with light backpacks and no worries of getting hungry, here's a list of 6 genius snack ideas you'll start to take with you on all your adventures!


Fancy a salad but hat the idea of it getting all squashed and mixed up while your running around in the hills?

Make one in a Jam Jar!

Pack your salad in layers, drizzle a little dressing and grate a little black pepper over the top and you're done!

when it comes to lunch, its up to you whether you plate it up or just eat straight from the jar! Brilliant!


Like homemade bread with your salad?

Bake yourself a loaf inside a tin can to avoid squashed bread issues!

We really love that this is ingenious and insane in equal measure.

Check out these recipes to make yourself banana bread or sundried tomato infused sandwich bread.


Yes, they're a pretty delicious as a treat, but these little guys have another trick up their salty sleeve.

Doritos are fantastic to use for Campfire kindling! Who Knew?!

Take a packet along and you've got an emergency snack and an emergency firelighter in one.

Just in case you're wondering....yes, they will make your campfire smell a little cheesy....


On long summer days adventuring through the countryside, the likelihood is that you're food going to get a little warm,

You could pack a cooler, but it just feels like unnecessary weight!

Instead, through half of your water in the freezer the night before for makeshift coolers that double up as hydration later in the day.

We think we'd throw some fruit in as well for deliciously infused chilled water during your journey.


Peanut butter is a great source of energy and protein for high energy days but its just a bit, well, sticky to be messing about with in the dirt or sand.

Instead, organise a jar with a base of peanut butter and pre dipped vegetable sticks.

You have all the delicious goodness without the sticky hands!

Avocados - on cutting board

Our easy choice and old faithful, we love avocados so very much.

Whatever else you take with you, throw an avocado in your bag too.

This versatile food can be spread on bread, eaten with savoury or sweet foods and if all else fails, eaten on its own!

Full of good fats, this helpful sack will keep you going all day .