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The lifestyle of the (action sports) rich and famous. Young, free, and travelling the world. We all want to know more.

What's more romantic than two beautifully talented board riders in a union of shred and love?

Thanks to social media, we can follow their every step. Forget private love letters, it's all about Facebook and Insta-love statuses now.

First up surfing's very own Posh and Becks...


We all know Alana Blanchard; surf pin-up girl in her (tinsy) Rip Curl bikinis, but ranked 17 on the world championship tour, she shreds!

To the disappointment of almost every bloke on the earth, both the good and the bad, she's tied to the equally shit hot (and we're not just talking about his surfing,) Jack Freestone. It's like the ASP's answer to High School Musical.

Power ranking: 8/10. He coaches and caddies for her, while she lovingly paddled out at huge Sunset with Jack’s spare board during the Vans World Cup of Surfing last year. They're the ultimate Posh and Becks of surfing.

Who wears the trousers? Alana. She's gotta have more clout with such a huge fan base. Every little girl and her Dad love Alana. Fortunately Alana lets her 100,000,000 insta followers know she's happy. Oi Jack, @scottbot03 says watch your hand!

After being together for a year, they made this video to celebrate their relationship.

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana and Travis Pastrana

The family home of Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and husband, Travis Pastrana must have one enormous trophy cabinet.

Arguably the world's best female skateboarder married to the motocross and motor-everything legend make one kick-ass power couple.

In 2011, Travis surprised Lyn-Z with a proposal in the middle of the mega-ramp at the June 2011 Nitro Circus Live tour in Vegas. If that's not the ultimate action sports romance then I don't know what is.

Power ranking: 9/10 With a combined number of 28 X Games medals, there's no doubting the dominance of these two in the action sports arena. September 2011 saw the birth of their daughter, Addy Ruth. With those genes, this kid is surely gonna rip the hell out of whatever sport she chooses!

Who wears the trousers? It's a hard one.They're a seriously ballsy couple, both shining talent in more than one discipline.

She was the first girl to skate a big jump ramp at the age of 15, plus she can skate street, bowl and vert.

She's competed in surfing, been placed top 10 in many snowboard events, and rides dirt bikes in her spare time.

Pastrana's dirt bike, rally and NASCAR dedication make him one of the most respected motorsports figures in the world.

I wonder how much they pay for their family health insurance.

coco ho mark mcmorris

Another cross-sport power couple, this time the surf met the snow when big air and slopestyle snowboarder Mark McMorris backside triple cork 1440'd into pro surfer Coco Ho's heart. They met at the X games three years ago, and hit it off straight away.

Mark told, "It’s such a good balance to have somebody in the industry who gets it, but isn’t in my industry exactly. She’s really mellow, and Hawaiian, and relaxed.

Her family is super cool and to go to those places in my off time is a dream come true."

Power Ranking: 8/10 Surfing and snowboarding provides more action sports influence than just one. Unlike Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone, their insta fans really seem to approve. One fan even made this awesome edit of the raddest couple ripping together.

Who wears the trousers? It seems pretty equal. Mark recently spent time in Hawaii with Coco and her family, before they both flew to Canada for Coco to support Mark.

He won back to back golds in the Winter X Games in 2012 and 2013. She was sponsored from the age of 8, and is currently ranked 10th in the WCT.

Gretchen Bleiler and Chris Hotell

Four time X Games snowboard halfpipe gold medallist Gretchen Bleiler, and Oakley Snowboard TM Chris Hotell, have been married for four years, and been together for nine.

Power Ranking: 5/10 They're a bit off the radar these days, no doubt enjoying some married shred time out of the spotlight.

Who wears the trousers? Obviously Gretchen. Not only is she the raddest snowboarder but also a businesswoman.

She designed her own signature outerwear line for Oakley, worked on the graphics for K2 Snowboards, and co-founded the creation of the girls only superpipe comp at Snowmass, the Snow Angels Invitational.

Alessa Quizon and Caio Ibelli

20 year-old Alessa Quizon is in her rookie year in the ASP world tour, and currently ranked 12 on the WCT. She's dating Brazilian, Caio Ibelli.

He was the 2011 junior world champion and his incredible aerial surfing has proven that he's definitely the one to watch over the next few years.

Power Ranking: 4/10 They're both very young at the moment and just emerging on the scene. Watch out though, a couple of years time and they will be one powerful pair.

Who wears the trousers? They've been together for almost three years, and he bought her a white gold and diamond necklace for last year's anniversary. Diamonds really are (even a surfer) girl's best friend. Plus he writes sweet stuff like this on Facebook to her...

And for the bonus round here are some historical power couples....

Bruna Schmitz and Jeremy Flores

Well, they broke up. But they were a hot power couple.

It seems French was the language of love between Brazilian Roxy model and former Women’s WCT surfer Bruna Schmitz and sexy surf god Jeremy Flores.

Just goes to show that pro life is not always perfect and they're still real like the rest of us!

Pamela Anderson Looks Up At Scoreboard While Taking In Game 2 Of The Western Conference Palyo

Let's be honest, the king of surf is pretty powerful alone. No matter who he's hitched to, it's gonna be big.

Rumours have it that his previous girlfriends include Cameron Diaz and Pamela Anderson.

We think they can probably tack onto our list of the hottest action sports power couples don't you?

Carly Monzo and Olympic gold medalist Shaun White. He attended prom with her.

Not sure if this is very sweet or a little creepy, but when 18 year old Carly Monzo invited Shaun White (aged 27) to be her prom date earlier this year in Philadelphia he said, "Sure".

Cynics would say, "Of course he did!" But she seemed genuinely stoked in the many Instagram posts of the night that followed, as did he tweeting #promcrashers #badthings, the latter being the name of his band rather than his intentions.

We hope anyways.