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We all go through them, those spells where you have no motivation to exercise and put on your trainers whatsoever.

What happened to all the good intentions and fantastic morning out getting your sweat on? Who knows.

When we lose motivation and need reminding why it is that we love sport and exercise so much, we turn to people who we trust to inspire us.

This list is full of incredible people who's books will make you want to jump off the sofa, dig out your trainers and achieve something today.

Finding More On The Mat

While some yoga memoirs can be too spiritual for many wannabe yogis, Michelle's memoir is the perfect mix of passion and humour.

Through taking you through her own journey into loving yoga, Michelle shows how practicing yoga is so much more than learning moves and posture.

We challenge anyone to finish this book without becoming a yoga convert for life!

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For any woman who has been left feeling winded and nauseous after one lap of the park - read this book.

Alexandra Heminsly sums up the universal feeling healthy-ish, but not being up to any real sport.

Join her as she goes from being unable to run a single mile and feeling embarrassed on the streets, to running two marathons and travelling across the world to find new places to stretch her new found muscles.

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A Life Without Limits

This book is both an inspiration and a training guide.

Wellington, one of top female triathletes in the world, shares her struggles and triumphs with the reader in an attempt to share the joy she gets from her sport.

As well as the benefit of her experience, Chrissie also shares diet, training and motivational techniques, as well as details of the races she's entered, so you can literally follow in her footsteps.

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mountain to mountain

Mountain To Mountain is a lot more than a sports memoir.

Shannon left her career, sold her house, launched a non-profit and committed her life to advancing education and opportunity for women and girls in Afghanistan.

As well as this, Galpin became the first woman to ride a mountain bike across the country.

A perfect book if you're feeling uninspired and need reminding what a brilliant tool sport and fitness can really be.

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Haruki Book

Murakami, mainly known for his fiction writing, wrote this memoir over a series of years in the form of many short essays.

If you're a lover of mindfulness and the meditative qualities of fitness ,this book will blow your mind.

Murakami's approach to his fitness and running is simultaneously logical and romantic, as he takes you along for his long runs in the Hawaiian sunshine.

The book is perfect for anyone who finds themselves getting frustrated with their inability to understand the joy of running that others experience.

Murakami takes you along in his mind during runs of up to 100 miles and leaves you with an understanding of the mental state of long distance running and a new approach to carry on to your own runs.

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high altitude woman

One of the first female extreme athletes, Jan Reynolds has put together an incredible book on being a woman in extreme fitness.

Throughout the book, Jan shows the reader how her female strengths have set her aside in a male dominated field.

This book introduces you to so many badass women, you can't help but feel like you want to join them once you've finished!

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born to run

McDougall's book has quickly become THE book to read if you want to get passionate about your running.

The book explains the body and its predisposition to running in a way that could tempt even the most reluctant runner into giving it another bash.

Apart from the fascinating narrative, McDougall's characters along the way inspire you again and again and again.

From Ted, the man who runs barefoot, to Jen Shelton, the most badass lady in ultra running, you'll put this memoir down with an urge to prove to yourself that you were born to run as well.

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