A grumpy, naughty child

You used to think there was nothing worse than being dragged on a walk with your parents on a Sunday afternoon.

"What's the point in walking?" you would cry. "There's no point to it. You're just walking around in a big circle."

You'd kick, scream, sulk all the way, splashing in as many puddles as you could just to make your parents' car muddy on the way home.

Now, you hate to admit it, but they were right. Walking is kind of fun. You now find yourself saying to your boyfriend, "Maybe we should go on a hike this weekend?"

What would your 12-year-old self say now?

good view

When you think about it, it's pretty strange how much humans love views. They will hike up cliff tops, clamber along ridges and walk up many stairs just to get a good perspective of the world around them.

Ask anybody and you'll struggle to find someone who doesn't love a good view.

If you hike, well, you only get the very best views - often without a soul in sight.


.... But now it's got a lot better. Forget bottle green anoraks from C&A and your brother's old trainers.

Gear is a lot more exciting now with brands like Finisterre, Danner, Polar Stuff, Patagonia and Arcteryx creating really nice looking waterproof jackets and hiking boots.

With rad gear like this, you actually want to get outside and hike in it.

hiking tumblr

What was once just "walking around in circles" (see slide one) is now something all together more enjoyable.

You actually like seeing how far you can get without a car or bike to help you. It's an adventure - even if it is along a very well signposted National Trust trail.

National Trust

You hate to admit it, but you've joined The National Trust.

You almost feel like you need to smoke pot and flash somebody to make yourself feel less like a retired pensioner.

But the truth is the National Trust is really great. They have really good parking at surf spots, we love their tea rooms - plus that under 25 membership discount is just too good to resist.

Roxy Hiking 2

You can't run for six hours on an average day. Well, maybe you can, but you are pretty much superwoman then in our eyes.

However, you can hike for six hours - and that's a lot of calories burned. Now you're well past your teens, fitness is something you think about. A lot.

Hiking is an unbelievably good way to keep you fit - and it's actually really fun. Trust us.

pub lunch

When you were younger, you liked a good pub lunch. You liked any meal where they served chips. Now, pub lunches are altogether a lot better because there's ice cold beer involved.

After hiking miles through brambles and muddy fields, you really feel like you deserve that pint and giant portion of fish and chips at the end of the day.

Everyone knows a hike isn't a hike without a pub stop at the end of it.