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There are so many blogs out there, it's sometimes hard to choose which one to read. Did you know there are tonnes of stylish inspiring outdoors ones too?

9 Female Adventurers You Should Follow On Instagram

We've picked a handful of our favourite blogs - from the Hawaii based Lady Slider to the super cute hound in Maddie On Things.

They've all got great photographs, useful advice and inspirational messages that will make you want to plan your next adventure.

Have we missed any? Drop us a comment in the box below and we'll take a look.

Tara Michie Lady Slider

Remember those old Roxy adverts? The ones with girls in straw hats, surfing longboards, eating mangos under palm trees in Hawaii.

That's what Tara Michie's blog Lady Slider reminds us of. The blogger/fashion stylist lives in Hawaii and spends her days having a damn good time on the beach with her camera.

It's Tara's beautiful photography, capturing her life surfing and exploring Hawaii, that makes this blog. We dare you to start clicking through - once you start, you won't be able to stop.

Visit Lady Slider here

Johnie Gall Dirtbag Darling

Dirtbag Darling is a blog for women who love the outdoors. But it's the woman behind it - Johnie Gall - who is the most inspiring of all.

She used to be a magazine editor in California. Now she spends most of her time travelling across America in a van and freelancing on the go.

Her blog is packed full of gear reviews, advice for backpacking and sleeping in the wild - plus great photographs.

Read Dirtbag Darling here

Maddie On Things 2

This is Maddie. She is a Coonhound rescue dog. She travels the world with photographer Theron Humphrey.

Theron's blog - Maddie on Things - started because of Maddie's amazing ability to balance on things (funnily enough).

Now it documents their adventures across the American backcountry with Maddie riding shotgun in Theron's motorbike sidecar. Yes, really!

Take a look at Maddie on Things here

Goldfish Kiss

If you dream of sunshine, salty air and wearing a bikini all the time, then Goldfish Kiss is for you.

It's the musings of Rebekah Steen, a graphic designer, artistic director and model who lives in Los Angeles, California.

It's generally filled with super cool bikinis, juicy smoothie recipes and beach gear round ups. Guaranteed to make you want to hop on a plane to somewhere sunny right away.

Read Goldfish Kiss here

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However, if you want a blog that's beautiful but altogether more relatable to us Brits, then click on Float Stories.

Surfer Charlotte Howells doesn't live by the beach or in the mountains, but she does love surfing. A lot.

Her blog is an insight into what it's really like to be a landlocked surfer living in Britain, plus she reviews surf gear and writes about her favourite bloggers, online yoga classes and more.

Check Float Stories out here

Surf That

OK, so we're not entirely sure who is behind Surf That but we like it a lot.

It's just a Tumblr, so no original content on here as far as we know. However, we love the images curated here.

Get ready to add it to your favourites' list.

Visit Surf That here

The Drifter

Photographer Ming Nomchong tells the stories of ocean folk and their salty lifestyles through her beautiful photography on The Drifter.

From swimming with whales to cruising around forgotten islands in Fiji, her blog makes us want to buy a plane ticket to the South Pacific right now.

Just as a head's up, her Instagram is great too. Follow her on @thedrifterblog

Take a peek at The Drifter here