glitter party end of university college

May, the month of exams. We all know the feeling when you've been cooped up in the library for weeks, desperately cramming for those final exams. Summer is so near, you can practically smell it.

So, what are your plans once you've put down the pen in that final exam? Apart from get totally trolleyed?

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Obviously a hefty boozing session down the pub is in order, but now you've got time to do all those things you've been dreaming about in the library.

We've got some awesome ideas of how to celebrate the end of exams.... Think a friend might like these? Share and pass them on!

garden party picnic

Remember all those times you couldn't cook that amazing recipe because you had to revise instead?

Now exams are over, you can make cocktails in jam jars, drape fairy lights all over the garden and get all your friends to bring a dish for a pot luck dinner.

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If you're feeling creative, choose a theme. Art History students love art-themed parties. Marine biologist? Make it an underwater party with blue streamers and umbrella jellyfish.

We recommend Ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook for foolproof group dinners.

Slip n Slide Slip Cup

You probably heard about the epic slip and slide that ran through Bristol city centre last summer. Such a cool idea, eh?

We're not saying you should sliding down your local high street - although we'd like to see you try - but there are always parks and gardens to kit out.

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Even if you just find a mate with the biggest garden you can find, buy some plastic tarpaulin to spread down a slope and go for it.

You can even play Slip Cup - slide down, down your drink, flip the cup and tag your teammate.

Tip: You need epic quantities of (eco-friendly) washing up liquid to make it extra slippery.

wild camping

Most people think camping is a massive faff - but it doesn't have to be.

Adventurer Alistair Humphries encourages people to get outside and sleep under the stars, even if it's just wild camping for one night.

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We think it's a great thing to do with a bunch of mates on a clear night. Wild camping is technically illegal in the UK, but if you're considerate and clean up after yourselves then you should be OK.

You will need:

Sleeping bag

Bivvy bag (this keeps you waterproof and dry - for only £5)


Dinner and beers

Woolly hat

Warm clothes

Pick a hill, make a plan with your mates about when to meet and head off on an overnight adventure.

hvar croatis holiday

Why Croatia, you might ask? Well it's hot, it's cheap and if you go out of season (like now) you'll find a really good deal.

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We'd recommend flying to Split, spending a day or two wandering the ancient city before island hopping. Our favourite was Hvar, we stayed in the Villa Skansi - and it was the best post-uni trip ever.

We rented a bright pink VW Beetle and cruised around the island, exploring hidden beaches, snorkelling and drinking beer in the sun.

The dream!

univeristy bucket list Rachel Tung

Every university has a bucket list of things you need to tick off before you leave. Whether it's have breakfast at the best cafe in town or get *ahem* frisky on a certain local landmark.

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We like this bucket list from Bristol's Helicon Magazine. Have a look for inspiration and you can make your own.

C'mon, there's only a couple of weeks and you'll (probably) never see this place again...

swimming pool legs

Britain and outdoor swimming pools. They might seem pretty contradictory, but after exams are over and the sun is out, it's the first place you're going to want to go.

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I bet you didn't know how many amazing outdoors pools are out there - there's at least half a dozen in central London alone.

Grab a few mates, bring a picnic and pretend you're in Spain (when actually you're within walking distance of your campus).

Pineapple Shorts

You've quite rightly restrained yourself from blowing the rest of your student loan - until now.

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With university nearly over, you deserve a treat. We recommend making a beeline for the nearest high street with decent shops and go wild.

Yes, you might regret buying those pineapple print shorts in two years time, but right now they are totally worth it.