You think you've had every kind of festival experience there is - from the rock and electro to cold wet gatherings in fields and super hot bikini-rocking ones on beaches.

You've been to festivals abroad, festivals 20 minutes down the road and spent night chilling round a campsite and nights raving in a forest till sunrise.

Instagram Vs Reality: Going To A Festival

But there's one festival experience we bet you've never experienced.... A festival with your parents.

Here are seven things to expect when you go party in a field with mum and dad.

Woman adjusting stack of colorful suitcases on top of car. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

When going to a festival with a couple of mates, the packing rules are universally understood.

One tent, one sleeping bag, one bag. Minimum clothing, barely any food and then as much booze the festival guidelines will allow.

When you turn up with the parents it's a very different story.

The tent has a living room, a light and they've invested in a decent blow up bed.

They've brought have a stove, a kettle, a toaster (!) and a washing up bowl and tea towels.

You moan while dragging it all through the muddy campsite when you get there, but one hour in and you're amazed because....


Our usual festival meal plan involves a cereal bar and an avocado a day, along with some falafels, oranges and oatcakes for good measure.

(All before a huge meal from a festival food stall at the point when our festival hangover hits its peak, obviously.)

Camping with your parents, you will realise that a festival on a full stomach is a different ball game altogether.

You can dance for longer! You have energy all day long! Although unfortunately you don't get so giddy off two pints of cider....

My parents turned up with crisps, coffee, bacon, eggs, bread, fruit, nuts, biscuits and soups. On Saturday night they MADE A STIR FRY.

You'll tease them mercifully. You'll eat it all.


Same goes for alcohol.

You will look back at past festival's warm Strongbow with pity when you're lounging around at camp with a glass of wine that doesn't taste like vinegar or a decent gin and tonic.

Festivals are pretty cheap when you're not going to the bar and the parents are pretty nifty when it comes to sneaking booze into the arena.

Who knew?!


While they can teach you a lot about the benefits of a full stomach and investing in decent booze, you still have the experience when it comes to festival drinking.

When you've got a few years of festivaling under your belt, you gain a certain skill in all-day drinking that comes with a weekend in a field.

You suspect that your parents would have gained some similar skills somewhere along the way too.

I discovered that this is not the case. Missing the Saturday headliner because you've gone too hard in the afternoon?

Dad, you rookie.


When you're a teenager, the idea of mixing mates and parents at an event is enough to make you cringe for a whole week before you go.

Teens - I promise, by your mid-twenties this is no longer the case.

Mixing mates and parents is pretty damn fun and no baby pictures or embarrassing anecdotes are shared.

Also, it's pretty interesting to get the lowdown on what the 'rents think of your closest pals.


If we're honest, we have to admit that our parents are pretty responsible for shaping our music taste. Which is probably why we've ended up at the same festival in the first place...

However, there are so many bands that we now want to show them!

It's so much fun dragging them to main stage at 11pm knowing that in 45 minutes they're going to share your love of that weird, obscure funk band...


On the other hand, they will drag you to the main stage 1pm to see that band you vaguely know the name of but have never listened to.

All the way there you'll go on about how NO ONE goes to the arena this early. 40 minutes later and you're hooked.

It goes both ways!