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Heading to the beach with your mates is one of the best parts of summer, but what if you're the only one in the group who doesn't surf?

Sitting on the beach and watching everyone's bags is not so much fun.

While surfing is the best known of all beach sports, there are many more out there that are being sadly ignored.

Never managed to perfect your pop up? Maybe you're just a natural windsurfer, just waiting for your chance with a sail.

Find the idea of being on a board not fun at all? Maybe you belong under the waves diving through the reefs.

Here's a few alternative water sports to have a go at, when everyone else is out in the line up this summer...

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Wakeboarding is becoming increasingly popular and brings with its plenty of fitness benefits, so why not get involved?

A blend of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding on water, wakeboarders are attached to a wide board and carried along by boat power.

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It may seem scary to begin with, but this sport uses very different types of balance and strength to surfing and a different type of nerve.

Best of all, even when you're a total beginner at wakeboarding, it's still a good laugh.


Windsurfers always tend to look like the more serene, mate cousins of the wave riders in the line up.

The best days to give windsurfing a crack are clear with just the right amount of wind.

Once you've got the basics you'll find that you're also chasing the big breaks alongside your longboarding mates.

Once you get the sail up and are off, the feeling of moving can be pretty exciting, just remember in ocean windsurfing, you need to learn how to turn round and come back to shore!


This sport combines surfing with kayaking or canoeing.

You get the fresh perspective of almost standing on the water and using your whole body to secure yourself.

Once you've learned how to stand, balance and steer, you're away!

The upright position provides a full body workout, while the width of the board makes it is easy to balance.

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SUP boarding is particularly on trend at the moment, with some people choosing to even do their morning yoga sessions while floating their board. Pretty rad!

sea kayaking

Ocean kayakers tend to have a real love of the ocean.

While everyone else is ripping through the waves and looking for adrenaline, kayakers are more about becoming part of the ocean for the day and appreciating everything around them.

Kayaks can be hired around most coastal areas, along with short introductory courses to make sure you feel comfortable heading out.

A calmer way to spend the day!

Scuba Diving Woman

Ocean diving is like entering another secret world, full of amazing creatures.

Is the holiday becoming a bit too much? Maybe you're regretting that last frozen margarita on the beach last night?

It's time to disappear under the waves and spend some time in your secret, quiet and colourful world....


Waterskiing does bring mental images of 1950s women posing in high-waisted bikinis, but in reality it's a really fun and action packed sport.

Another variation of the wakeboarding, water-skiing is the better known of the two sports.

Some people find the two skis easier to balance on than the one board, others find the opposite to be true.

Have a go at both and find the best way for you!


You're not going to earn yourself any cool points, but if nothing else suits you, it's time to get in the Zorb ball.

It's not the hippest of watersports, but there really is something incredibly fun about chasing your mates around the water surface, while you're all stuck in giant inflatable balls...