Bestival is getting closer and closer and we are super excited about this year's theme, Summer Of Love!

Anyone who's been to this awesome festival before will know how amazing people look and the importance of having an amazing outfit for fancy dress day.

If you're stuck for ideas however, do not fret! We've put together seven items that will confirm you're place in the Bestival style stakes.

Still wondering whether to head to the Isle Of Wight this September to join the party?

Do it! Otherwise you'll be missing out on all this fun....


The easiest way to capture that lovin' feeling is by going all out 1960's hippy chic.

The easiest way to be a hippy? Embrace the tie dye.

You can tie dye your own clothes easily, just grab an old faded t shirt/ dress/ pair of jeans and some dye and you're good to go.

Alternately, you can buy something that's already tie dye.

Our favourite pick is this unreal kimono. If you want however you have to be quick, this is a one off piece.

Find it here, we'll race you to the checkout!


It wasn't just the 1960's that had a summer of love, you know.

If the idea of flowers and peace signs isn't your bag, you can rock the 1990's rave scene vibe instead, there was more than one summer of love in that decade!

Checkout Kuccia's festival range, including this awesome watermelon co-ord.

Add on a couple of smiley face accessories, some glowsticks and reach for the lasers...


Festivals are a big excuse to cover ourselves in flowers anyway, but a summer of love theme?

Let's go big.

Flower crowns are a given, as are painted flowers with body paint so we've decided to add in these flower clips.

They look super pretty in your hair (no matter how dirty it is by day four) and can also be added to your outfit!

Find them here.


For the lazy festivaller, who really can't be bothered with putting a whole outfit together.

Just get this jumpsuit. You're welcome.

This awesome earth child style will mean you look awesome in the crowd while not really having to put any effort in at all.

Of course, if you did add some feathers, flowers, glitter, body paint'd look even better.

Just saying.


We believe that every single festival outfit needs these shoes.

There's nothing that screams I'm here for a good time like flashing shoes.

Once the object of our primary school dreams, we're bringing them back for the adults.

After all, why else do we work so hard to earn money if not to spend it on flashing trainers and to dance in a field?

Buy them at Irregular Choice.


If you're going to channel 1960's at a festival, why not go Woodstock?

This amazing paisley dress will look incredible when you're laying out in front of the main stage, cider in hand.

Once the festival is over, team it with wooden heels and you have a new outfit!


Last but not certainly not least. Do not forget you're Lennon sunnies

Nothing screams summer of love like a pair of round, reflective sunglasses.

We've invested in these blue tinted ones from Asos.

Add a boho headscarf and you're good to go!!!