Do you hate the idea of the nine to five grind? Does the idea of an office make you feel instantly claustrophobic?

Many of us are expected to take the usual city based career route, but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone.

While some people are happy being 'weekend warriors', embracing the outdoors around their usual work life, there are many that feel spending the majority of their week indoors is too much of a waste.

If you think you're someone who is happiest outside exploring the world, their are many careers that allow just that.

Check out these outdoor jobs and figure out whether you would be happier away from the desk.


Learning to dive is one of the easiest ways to travel without setting down a base.

Many people work in diving shops while travelling before moving on to complete their diving instructor certificate.

The best part of completing a instructor course is that it's recognised in most countries, meaning you can explore the world to your heart's content, knowing you have a skill to fall back on every time the bank runs dry.

Find out more about becoming a professional diving instructor with PADI here.


If you feel your love for the outdoors goes further than your own enjoyment, you may be a born environmentalist.

Possible careers could be an environmental scientist or environmental lobbyist.

Scientists tend to be out in nature studying how it works and evolves, but this job will involve both a lot of travel and a lot of lab work.

Lobbyists travel around persuading groups or organisations to work in a way that is environmentally sustainable.

The wage for a lobbyists is high, however it's not all about being with nature. Many work closely with politicians in order to create the change they seek.


Spend your life taking others on adventures and become a guide.

There are tons of different types of guide jobs to choose from. Whether it's a white water rafting guide, sea kayaking guide, zip line guide, trek leader, biking guide, tour guide, horseback guide, fishing guide..... The list goes on.

You have to be confident leading and talking to group to be successful in this type of career, as well as being confident in your chosen area.

If you think that's you, then guiding may just be your calling.


If you're a bit of science nerd but can't imagine spending long hours in a lab or a classroom, consider zoology.

Zoologists study the behaviour of animals in order to understand agricultural crops and livestock, animal welfare and conservation among other areas.

If you're a field zoologist you may have the chance to travel in order to study animals in different environments.

If you fancy this awesome job, you need to gain a qualification in zoology, animal ecology, animal behaviour or conservation.


Do you love adventuring, travelling and take photos more than anything? Spend your money and spare time on visiting amazing places.

Then maybe you should aim to be an adventurer photographer.

Life as a photographer can be tricky. You tend to work freelance for yourself, which means there is no steady income to fall back on.

However, the opportunities you will get to experience through your job may take you to places you'd never experience otherwise.


Hanging on the beach all day? Going surfing? Getting to know the surf communities all over the world?

We can't think of a better job than being a beach lifeguard.

Many of us did a lifeguarding course when we were growing up so we could get a weekend job at the local pool.

While this will help you, being a beach lifeguard requires certain different and more practiced skills.

Do not fear however, if you check around most coastal areas you are sure to find somewhere offering a certified course.


Being a marine biologist is much like the zoology of the ocean.

You have to be passionate about marine animals and oceanic conservation to do this job (and also have an appropriate degree).

One of the best things about this job is that you will be able to combine your love for wildlife with the opportunity to spend a life diving and exploring the underwater world.

Check out the qualifications necessary to be a marine biologist and whether it's the right choice for you.


We love the idea of this job.

River keepers are literally in charge of the welfare of their given river, living by it, sailing it and really understanding how it works and what keeps it healthy.

They're responsible for the maintenance, management and presentation of fisheries.

They are in charge of weed cutting, bank maintenance, managing trees, fish stocking, general security and undertaking conversation projects

We want to have our own river to care for!