Living a healthy lifestyle is pretty damn tough at times when you're constantly surrounded by adverts for junk food and alcohol.

Over in Instagram land however, there are hundreds of people devoted to sending out healthy messages all day long.

Whether you want to eat vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free, organic or just generally healthier - we promise there's someone out there with the perfect account for you to follow.

Here are eight of our favourite Instagrammers that inspire us to eat healthy, wholesome and delicious food...


Miranda at The Crunchy Radish focuses on making food that is simple and sustainable.

A lot of her dishes are plant based, but she offers lean meat option for those of us who want.

Miranda is also a dietician and a long time lover of avocado - we'd trust her with our diet!

Follow Miranda here: @thecrunchyradish


The Sprouted Kitchen is based around the idea of whole foods.

If you're someone who loves the idea of a farmers market or old fashioned greengrocers, Sam is the girl for you.

Focusing on fresh ingredients and good fats, the recipes on this page are super delicious and the lifestyle that goes with them are super inspiring.

Follow Sam here: @sproutedkitchen


Based in Baltimore, Mary Mattern is looking to inspire a new generation of vegans and vegetarians.

All the recipes on her profile have one thing in common: they are super fresh and colourful.

Mango smoothie anyone?

Follow Mary here: @nomyourself


Oh She Glows has jumped out of the Instagram world and has become a successful glossy cookbook.

Angela Liddon's story of finding health through veganism is inspirational and shows how plants can be used to heal the body.

Even away from the health benefits however, her recipes are incredible!

Try her vegan rolos... You won't go back.

Follow Angela here: @ohsheglows

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Jessica lives a dairy free lifestyle, but she also posts up amazing pancakes, smoothies and ice cream recipes.

If you're looking for a good breakfast idea, look no further. Jessica's profile will make you consider going Brinner tonight.

(...That's breakfast for dinner, FYI)

Follow Jessica here: @nourishingjessica


Grace's Instagram and blog looks like its full of the most indulgent and guiltiest pleasures.

These ice cream sundaes and pots however are made from only the cleanest and healthiest ingredients.

That ice cream above? It's pretty good for you! Crazy, no?

Follow Grace here: @graciecooks


Moeko takes a pretty holistic approach to her diet, channelling her love of nature and creativity onto her food.

We love the photography on her profile just as much as her food, though we're betting it won't look quite the same when we make it.

It'll still be delicious though!

Follow Moeko here: @mmmoky_


UK-based Lauren uses Natural Nomad to share her vegan lifestyle.

Through the site, she explains how the food she makes is good for your body and the planet, along with general wellness tips in all areas of life.

Imagine how good we'd feel if we could stick to her lifestyle full time!

Follow Lauren here: @naturalnomad