Who wanted to copy their parents when they were little?

Our mum and dad are our first glance of what being a grown up is, so for a little while we all do a little bit of pretending to be them.

These Beautiful Photos Show Kids Can Still Have A Childhood Without iPads

When your parents are badass action sports stars however, your more likely to decide to follow in their footsteps in the long term.

We've been taking a look at these rad sports stars who have shared their passion with their kids, and taking notes for whenever we have a mini me to hit the waves/ slopes/ ramps with.


Cory Lopez has definitely passed on the surfer genes to his daughter, Alana.

Lopez shared a video of the pair of them surfing - with Alana riding on her dad's back as he catches waves.

If she's already on these size waves at only two, imagine how good she will be in a decade!

Check out the adorable video below....


It doesn't seem like yesterday that Bethany Hamilton announced her pregnancy with Adam Dirks.

It was definitely at least nine months ago however, as they now have a little baby boy!

Bethany got her son surfing as early as possible - by riding waves throughout the pregnancy.

He might not be quite old enough to get on a board now, but we're sure he's already well acquainted with the ocean!


If you haven't seen Steve Klassen's edit with his daughter, get ready for a treat.

The snowboarder posted a video of himself tandem riding with his daughter, Kinsley, for her third birthday.

The video shows Klassen throwing Kinsley into the air and even throwing flips while holding her on the board....

Seriously, wait till 2:07 minutes into this video...


It's well documented that Tony Hawk's eldest son Riley is a great pro skateboarder in his own right, but less people know about his daredevil daughter.

The skateboarder shared pictures of him and Kadence Clover Hawk, riding in his backgarden bowl.

Not only does Kadence look impressively at home on the board, she also manages to look pretty cool at all times - something we're still attempting to master.

We're keeping our eye on this lady for the next few years...


Not one to let motherhood mean a personality change, Lyn-Z Pastrana is set to take her two daughters, Bristol and Addy along on the Nitro Circus US Tour.

Baby Bristol might be too young to show much interest in skating yet, however 18 month old Addy is already on the hype.

"Addy’s one-and-a-half now, but already she’ll lay on it and push around," Hawkins told GrindTV.

"She loves to have me hold onto her and skate, and I like to bring the girls to the skatepark to let them watch the skaters so they get it in their little brains that it’s not some big scary thing."

Now that's a parenting style we can get on board with!


Pro surfer Matt Wilkinson may not technically have any surfing offspring, but he certainly has an impressive niece!

Wilkinson's niece, Kirra-Belle Olsson, is not only a pro surfer, but one of the few pros that can claim to have experienced a shark attack and lived to tell the tale!

Olsson, sponsored by Ripcurl Australia also turns out to have a pretty rad Instagram, that we are the newest followers of!

Take a look here.


We love this family team!

Steph Bridge, the well know kite surfing champion, not only got her sons into the sport, but has joined forces with them to make a rad mother/sons team.

Tom, Guy and Olly are now all competing in kitesurfing in their age groups, recently attending Red Bull Ragnarok with their mum!

Last year, Steph and Guy (pictured above) broke records by kite surfing round the Isle of Wight in less than four hours.

Go Team Bridge!!!


Axel has the world's surfing expectations placed on his head, a unavoidable position when your dad is the legendary Andy Irons.

Luckily, four year old Axel is too busy living in paradise on the Island of Kauai to care about that.

This little guy might not be quite on his dad's level just yet, but is already catching waves, as well as being a pretty rad skater.

Is anyone surprised? We didn't think so.