While every person's travel experience is totally different, it seems that the people they meet while out there are pretty similar.

If you spent time living in hostels and travelling around the globe, you'll definitely recognise these guys.

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If you're planning on going travelling, then this is a sneak peek of who you'll be meeting along the way.

Remember, if you don't recognise one of these people- it was probably you!

Backpacker Couple Enjoying View of Coast

You know them, you've probably had friends like them before. It's the new couple who decide to travel together and now SERIOUSLY regret it.

Sure, it was going swell when they were laughing over meals in Wagamama and staying at each other three nights a week.

However now they've decided to travel around the world while joined at the hip, the honeymoon period is most definitely over.

He hates how many pictures she takes and that she whispers on her sleep, she can't stand how he wears trainers in red hot heat and had a thing for the guy in the bed opposite at the last hostel.

In eight months when they get back to blighty, they'll swiftly break up and tell all their travel stories without a single mention of their travel buddy at all.

Find Them: Trying to join on to other groups of travellers outside the nearest bar.


This person only planned to travel for a couple of years after uni, but the nomadic bug got the and ten years later they've still not gone home.

Spot them through their collection of meaningful knick knacks, the pendant on a string around their neck from Malaysia, the notebook made of hemp and burnt leather from Marrakech.

You might feel like they're one to give a wide birth, but you'd be wrong.

They will have the best stories and know all the best places to hang out at night.

Find them: Chatting to a local market stall owners, they know them all....


They didn't have the money to go travelling, but they did it anyway- which we kinda commend them for.

Now however, they're experiencing what frugal travel really means.

You'll find them in the cheapest hostel eating packet noodles everyday and trying get hold of their parents to beg for a loan to tie them over.

Find them: In the outside space of the hostel, bumming peoples cigarettes.


Yes, you've met at one of the most beautiful places on earth, but this person will always have a story of how much better the last place they visited was.

Whether it's the time they got taken in by a small African village for three months, or when they lived on the beach in Australia and out surfed all the locals- their tales are always seriously impressive.

You do wonder how true they actually are though, as in the week since you met they don't seem to have done much at all.....

Find them: Boasting at the bar to a group of gullible gap year kids.


They've already lost their passport twice and their phone disappeared within thirty minutes of entering the country.

You'll watch them get locked out, lose their mates, fall off mopeds- yet they always seem to get out of everything unscathed.

They will be the first person you stalk on Facebook when you get home.

Did they survive?

Find them: At the local tourist point, looking through lost and found.


The newest addition to this bunch of travelling stereotypes are the kings and queen of the selfie!

They have an iPhone, a DSLR and an underwater camera on their person at all times.

Look at their photos and you'll find it's mainly a lot of their own mugs, in front of museums and nice views, or behind plates of exotic looking grub.

Selfie sticks will be used 'ironically'....but frequently.

Find them: Look for an iPhone on a stick, poking out of a crowd.


This person either recently broke up a long term relationship or got dumped.

Either way, they're now here as they decided the time away from home was necessary too 'heal' and 'find themselves.'

They will arrive alone and spend a week wandering around looking introspective before hooking up with a local dive instructor and jumping straight into a holiday fling.

Two months on, they arrive back home with a Facebook full of sunny snaps, a new tan and their 'new perspective.'

Find Them: Uploading pics to social media in the nearest internet café when they know their ex will be online.


Gail and Jeremy spent their twenties securing good jobs and saving up for a mortgage, then their thirties and forties bringing up their two lovely children.

The kids have left home now, and these two have realised they never did take that backpacking trip around Asia.

They're staying in hostels because they want to have the real traveller experience, but Jeremy makes sure he thoroughly checks Trip Advisor before checking in anywhere new.

Since arriving, Gail has been toying with the idea of telling Jeremy about her long-time curiosity about trying peyote...

Find Them: Drinking local coffee in the market place every morning at ten.