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Summer is over. The nights are start to draw in again. Everyone is starting to think about winter.

If you've never done a ski season, I think it's high time you got your ass into gear and seriously started considering it.

23 Things Every Woman Who’s Done A Season Knows To Be True

Living in the mountains, riding with your friends every day - it is guaranteed to be one of the best experiences you'll have in life. And I'm speaking from experience.

It might not be the right time in life to be quitting your job and moving your life to another country. However, if you think there's a even a small chance it might, read on....

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Sometimes breaks in life come naturally, like when you finish school or university. Other times they come out of the blue.

Either way, if you've come to a crossroads in your life and it feels like the right time to try something new, do a ski season.

You never know when you'll have the time to do one again. So what are you waiting for?

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In the UK, winter is something people dread - like a flu epidemic or yet another series of X Factor.

The cold dark nights. The grey overcast skies. The rain. OK, we get rain all year round - but winter is pretty damn awful in the UK.

It's just not the same in the mountains. You definitely get more sunshine. The days don't seem so dark (maybe it's something to do with the sunlight reflecting off the snow). Everyone is happier.

You won't spend the next five months waiting for winter to end. You'll actually enjoy it.

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There's something satisfying about living in a holiday destination.

You actually get to live here in this beautiful place that people spend hundreds of pounds to visit for just a week, two at the most.

Even if you're having a bad day, you can walk outside and be surrounded by effervescent happy people. They are happy because they are on holiday.

You can't say you get the same lift when you walk around the streets of London.

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You know the feeling - when you get back on your snowboard after six months away from snow.

If you're on holiday for a week, it takes a good two or three days to properly get back into the swing of it. Before you know it, you're going home again.

One of the best reasons to do a ski season is to get better at skiing and snowboarding. And trust me, you will. Five months is a lot more time on snow than seven days.

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There is just a great people vibe in ski resorts. They attract folk who are all there for the same reason: to going skiing/snowboarding every day and have a damn good time.

After working/drinking/eating/riding with these fellas every day for five months, they will pretty much seem like family.

There's a reason people make friends on a season that they keep for life.

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The beauty about doing a ski season is it's not just for gap year kids.

It doesn't matter whether you're 18 years old or 56, anyone can do a ski season.

There are plenty of folk out there who've grown tired of their humdrum offices jobs and have packed it all in for a simpler life in the mountains.

So don't be put off - just because you think you'll be surrounded by rowdy puking teenagers.

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We're not ones to promote running away from problems. However, ski resorts are the perfect place to escape the world.

The whole of the western world could have collapsed and you wouldn’t know because you were too busy hiking up snowy ridges in the Alps. Which is a highly legitimate excuse.

Whispers about what’s going on in the ‘real world’ come from guests milling in and out of the resort.

The only news that really concerns you is when it’s going to snow again.

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It's true. I don't think I've ever heard anyone come back from a season, shrug and say,"Yeah 'was alright..."

Ski seasons are some of the most fantastic, crazy, eye-opening five months you will ever have in your life.

There's a reason people do one - and then find themselves, ten years down the line, still chasing powder.