If we're honest with ourselves, we all want to be morning people.

What could be better than jumping out of bed each morning feeling refreshed and rested?

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In reality however, we're more likely to be dragging our selves across the room in order to beat our alarm into submission before considering another ten minutes in bed.

Being a morning person is a choice, however impossible leaving the comfort of your duvet seems each morning.

Here are eight tips to train yourself into transforming from sleeping lion to early bird in less than a fortnight.


One of the most important things you can do is give your mind some space.

Many of us go straight from an electronic screen to shut eye, but it's not great for our sleep cycle.

If you turn off all technology and give your brain time to wind down before bed, it won't argue quite so much when you try and stir it with an alarm the next morning.

Take at least an hour before you go to sleep every night to chill out without any electronic devices, you'll be amazed what a difference it makes.

morning alarm clock

The snooze button is the enemy.

One of the biggest mistakes when trying to get up early is setting a 'pretend alarm' half an hour before you actually need to move.

What happens? You end up hitting the snooze button until the real wake up time comes along.

Set one alarm with no repeat. Remind yourself it's the only wake up call you have and get up when it goes off.

The swift movement means you'll be halfway across the room before your brain has even had chance to try and convince you to stay in bed.

morning person bed curtains

We're finally at the wonderful time of year when the sun gets up before we do.

In the dead of winter when we have to drag ourselves to work in the dark, the urge to hibernate is pretty damn strong.

Now the sun is up, we're naturally more inclined to want to start our day.

Allowing natural sunlight into your room means that you might even wake up before your alarm tells you to.

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We're going to sound very dull now, we apologise.

Planning your productive mornings properly means that you have much more chance of achieving them.

The first way of doing this is by limiting drinking to a weekend-only event (urgh, we hate us too.)

Just one pint or glass of wine can limit the likelihood of you getting anything done when the sun comes up.

morning cup of tea dog

If you're going to be getting up to empty the dishwasher, chances are your brain will be less than willing to comply.

Getting up to do something you actually enjoy means that there's way more chance you'll actually do it.

Halfway through a book you're loving? Totally into your favourite bands new album?

Associate getting up with something positive means you'll feel much better about leaving your snoozes behind.


Yes, maybe it still sounds a little hippy dippy to you, but spending some time very morning meditating or going through some yoga poses can change your outlook towards the whole day.

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Not only does it focus your mind for the day ahead, it gives your body some much needed stretching time, that as humans we seem to have forgotten to include into our waking up routine.

Give it a go just a few times to decide if it's for you.


We're not going to lie, getting up to exercise is not the easiest thing to get into your routine.

If you get your day's exercise done first thing, you do get the feeling of being on your A game for the entire day!

There's nothing better than finishing a day's work and realising that you can do whatever you want with your night. You earned your healthy person points before 7:30am that morning!

morning person

You've probably heard this a million times before, but motivation is what makes you start, habit is what makes you carry on.

Force yourself to get up early for just one week.

At the end of the week, if you still feel crappy about doing it, then maybe you're really not the early start kind of person.

We bet any money though, if you follow these points you'll be waking up before the alarm by the time next Monday comes around.