revision studying

It's that time of the year. Dissertation deadlines are looming. Exams are just around the corner. You've got to study harder than ever before - but for some reason you just don't want to.

7 Things Every Student Should Do To Celebrate The End Of Exam Hell

This, my friend, is called procrastination. It's something we can all master all too easily.

Just to give you a head's up - these are a few things you definitely should not be doing with exams just around the corner. We are totally guilty of every single one of these as well...

watching tv on the computer girl

There's nothing like getting hooked to the latest TV addiction right before the biggest exams of your life.

10 Movies That Will Inspire You To Travel And Have Adventures

Whether it's the final series of Mad Men or you've just discovered Game of Thrones (have you been living under a rock?), you'll spend 90 per cent of your day wishing you were watching Netflix rather writing notes on molecular biology.

The only upside? You can reward yourself with a single episode (we said one, not seven) at the end of the day.

Woman Trail Running on CA coast

OK, maybe this isn't something you shouldn't do when you've got a deadline on.

22 Things Only Long Distance Runners Will Understand

In fact, we thinking getting outside and going for a run/cycle/surf is totally beneficial. It helps blow the cobwebs away when you're just about to reach your working limit.

Just don't start running thirteen miles to avoid working, because that just won't do, my friend.

You've spent the last six months giving the kitchen surfaces a quick wipe - and that's about it. Now you decide it's time for a spring clean.

8 Secret Hacks Every Morning Person Knows To Be True (And They Don’t Involve Coffee)

You genuinely love cleaning. You always have. You just never had the chance to demonstrate your bathroom scrubbing talents.

The fact that you have two essays and three exams within the next month has nothing to do with it.

library studying

Everyone hates a library hog. They are the person who is always in the library at 8am and won't have left at midnight, but you'll never see them sitting working studiously at their desk.

10 Reasons You Should Travel Instead Of Getting A Graduate Job Straight After Uni

Oh no. They will be gallivanting around looking for someone to moan to, usually about how much work they've got on. Or they'll be getting coffee. Or having a cigarette. Or lingering around the vending machine.

But they will have the best desk in the library.

Without sounding like a right bore, use your time in the library wisely. Actually do some studying - and then you can justify going home early to sneak in a quick episode of Mad Men.


Thought you had enough procrastination devices?

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat just a tap away, it's easy to wile away the time clicking around on the internet.

This Couple’s Instagram Photos Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job & Travel The World

If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, just don't even go there. It's a minefield of hair tutorials, cookie recipes and ridiculously good looking surfers in bikinis.

You will not be able to stick scrolling. Don't say we didn't warn you.

online shopping home

We're all do this - fill online shopping baskets with dozens of items, only to delete the whole thing once you realise how much it'll set you back.

17 Kick-Ass Leggings To Brighten Up Your Workout

It a completely futile exercise, but it does relieve revision boredom, doesn't it?

Because everyone knows material goods will make you happy again, right? Now where was I....

cooking flickr toboldlyfold

Your flatmates are confused. Why are you tearing around the kitchen, cooking up a storm when you should be in the library?

10 Deliciously Healthy Recipe Books You Need In Your Kitchen Right Now

Revision produces the need to cook something long and intricate, don't you find?

Whether it's something healthy from the Hemsley & Hemsley book - or just a bulk serving of double chocolate chip cookies, it's definitely more pressing than that upcoming deadline.

bedroom furniture

The reason you aren't being productive at your desk is because your bedroom is rearranged all wrong. Am I right?

These Magical Tents Will Make Your Bedroom Seem Incredibly Average

It's time to move your bed into the middle of the floor, scatter papers all around it and work sitting upside.

Who are you kidding? It's not your bedroom, it's you. Now get back to work girl!