Not too long ago underwater hotels were only seen in James Bond films, not by everyday travellers.

Now they seem to be the new cool thing and are popping up all over the place!

In order to be conscious travellers, we would always check that any hotel is not doing any harm to its surroundings and the same goes for any hotel under the sea.

As long as submarine hotels live happily alongside the life around them, we're going to be at the front of the queue!

Want to wake up to coral reefs and sea life swimming by your bedroom window?

Here are eight hotels you need on your bucket list for the next time you travel.


Poseidon is one of the best known underwater hotels out there.

Based under the glassy waters of the Maldives, it's super luxurious and has windows facing some of the most amazing tropical reefs you could ask for!


Lover's Deep in the Caribbean does look more like an underwater airport lounge than anywhere we'd want to spend a weekend away.

Still, it's in an amazing part of the world with some of the best sea life to watch out the hotel's windows.

Let's just hope the other rooms are a little lighter!


On the colder side of the scale, Utter Inn is pretty unique.

Set in the middle of a Swedish lake, the living and eating space is on top of the water, with the bedroom suspended in the water below.

Check out photos of the inside here.


Another Maldives based hotel, Lime Spa offers massages, facials, and manicures, all while you watch the amazing sealife outdoors!

We're not sure why they put up a picture of the ocean, that blocks the view of the actual ocean...


We could quite like to rent this water house all year round.

You can sunbathe on the top of Manta hotel and float around on top in the sunny living space.

When you want to head to your room however, you head down below to find a glass room with an amazing view of the ocean!


Yup, another underwater hotel in the Maldives!

Subsix is 500 metres out in the ocean and six metres below the waterline.

It even has an underwater club, so you can dance with the fishes!

With views like this from your dinner table, we'd be surprised if anyone can tear themselves away to eat...


Waking up to a ceiling like this would be seriously unreal.

Based near Rangali Island, you would have a good chance of seeing some pretty impressive fish from your pillow!

Have a nosey around this swanky hotel here.


Planet Ocean in Florida is still in its planning stages, but it looks pretty immense.

With so many rooms and guests under the ocean, we hope that the plans include looking after the ocean around the site!