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The big city is an awesome place to live. Moving to a city drops you in the middle of a fast moving, arty and exciting hub where there’s always something new outside your doorstep.

When you’re used to the great outdoors however, adapting to a concrete jungle can be tough and as much fun as city life can be, nothing really fills the space left by the absence of the natural playground that makes life’s natural adventurers feel giddy.

As we're city bound ourselves, we’ve put together the ways we keep our exploring hearts happy for while we're spending our days residing with the sky scrapers.

From seeking out the other wild hearted folk around you, to discovering a new kind of adventure to satisfy your adrenaline trip.

The buildings around you have a wilder side that you might not expect….


While moving to a city can feel kind of lonely, the reality is that there's more chance of finding your perfect mates than any other place.

In many cities the CitySurfers meet up regularly and make sure to hit the coast together as much as possible, in the north of the UK all ski and snowboard junkies meetup in Manchester to hang out and hit whatever slopes they can.

With the internet at everyone's fingertips its super easy to find the people around who share your interests.

Go along to the next meet up and hangout, you never know who you'll meet!


Okay, we know that the urban landscape of London, Berlin or any other built up city will never live up to the awe inspiring beauty of the best of Mother Nature.

But embracing the edgy appeal of an urban space can be pretty fun, as we found out from Nike's campaign, She Runs The Night.

Showing how taking to the streets can be pretty epic in its own way, the campaign has persuaded us that taking your runs through the city nightlife gives you a pretty rad viewpoint and a unique relationship with the place you live.

yoga in the city

It's not the easiest thing to do when you're stuck on a busy train at six in the morning, or pushing through tourists to get home from work, but taking time out to meditate and connect with yourself can change your whole way of thinking.

Many surfers swear by practising yoga when away from the coast. Staying connected with their bodies and not losing any of their technique, they get thee added bonus of keeping a clear mind.

Most UK cities offer free meditation classes that are open to everyone.

In London, the Covent Garden class, hidden behind the busy roads and theatres is consistently popular, as city dwellers in the know come to give their minds a rest.

Be it yoga, group meditation or just promising yourself 15 minutes of calm everyday, give your mind some quality time.

rollerblades work

One of the best sights in a major city is the amount of business professionals in suits who pull on some skates, clip on a helmet and even flip out a fold-up scooter when home time comes around.

Public transport is annoying at best and super stressful on its worst days. Step away from the bus, the tube and the train and find a more active alternative.

Taking the option to bike, run or skate to work every morning gives you at least half an hour in the open air to think and a perfect chance to wake up properly.

As your colleagues arrive off the tube bleary eyed and yawning, you'll sit at your desk feeling alive and really looking forward to your morning coffee.

Running to work

It is shocking just how many super early outdoor classes and bootcamps you can go to all year round.

If you manage to pull yourself from under the sheets early enough, its great fun to use the city as a personal playground before everyone else wakes up.

Nike+ meet up in the heart of the West End twice a week at 6am to run together through London's landmarks before most of its inhabitants have left the house.

Getting up that little bit earlier reveals a quieter city to explore and a rare moment of open space to get your heart rate up and limbs moving.


Outdoor adventures are happening all the time, they just don't happen at the same time. If your nifty however, you can sail happily from one to the other.

For London peeps, outdoor ice skating fun is available throughout the colder months that disappear by the time February rolls around.

City beaches tend to pop up around June, usually on the rooftops of buildings, providing sun soaked sandy retreats from busy streets.

For the time in between, Hampstead Heath is always a fail safe wild swimming spot for when you feel the need to throw yourself back in to nature.

If you look around, chances are you'll find a quirky outdoor jaunt to try out every month of the year!


Although the countryside might feel a million miles away, chances are its really not!

Do a bit of research and figure out the closest country escape to you. Even if you haven't got the time to go regularly, just knowing you have a retreat close by makes all the difference.

Just half an hour out of London on the train lands you in the North Downs, a national trail that leads all the way to the coast.

Have a day off? Pack a back, head out of the city and get yourself reacquainted with the elements. All with the knowledge that you can get back in time for five o clock happy hour, no problem.


Skateboarders really do know how to make the most of a city adventure. And lets be honest, they make city life look cool.

Your real bag might be big wave surfing or freestyle boarding, but while your away, you might as well try something new.

We're not saying your going to turn into the next Lizzie Armanto, but since your likely to be surrounded by some pretty rad skateparks in any city, why not grab a board and have some fun?