Do you think that staying in a hostel when travelling means sleeping in a series of mucky, tiny rooms full of strangers?

Hostels are obviously part of the travelling experience, but no one likes sharing personal space with the person in the next bunk...

Believe it or not, when chosen well, good hostels can be one of the best things about a trip.

Check out Cooler's favourite hostels around the globe that you will seriously want to find next time you're on the road....


This hostel in Slovenia was previously used as a prison, but don't worry, there'll be no sinks by the bed and bars over the windows anymore.

Over the last couple of years, various artists have redesigned the individual cells in totally unique ways.

Cell 116 above is based around the concept of an eye. There is an eye carved in the pavement, the lifted bed structure represents its iris and pupil.

We definitely fancy spending the night in this jail...


Officially known as the hipster hostel of Barcelona, Generator is beyond cool.

Slap bang in the centre of skater heaven, you have to book in advance to find any spare beds in this place.

The best thing about this hostel is how they've found the perfect balance of shit hot interiors and dirt cheap prices. Perfect!


Cocomama's little sister, this hostel is all about being green.

It boasts a water saving system, a green roof and even recycled design furniture.

This is a super communal place to stay with loads of shared space, a big kitchen and a real teepee tent.

Meet some new best friends in the Dam!


With its mix of trailers, cabins, mixed dorms and private rooms, we full on love this hostel.

Based in the Dutch countryside, a stay includes a free breakfast and big communal outdoor kitchen.

As well as this, you also get a beautiful lake for swimming, kayaking as well as biking facilities!

Please can we move here forever?

Kadir Tree House, Turkey   tourism destinations

Ever dreamt of sleeping in a real tree house? Time to visit this super cool hostel.

The Turkish countryside around this site is unbelievable. You can spend all your days wandering around bays and over cliff tops.

When you get tired, head back to the site for delicious vegetarian cuisine, before jumping on one of the provided scooters into a local village or town.


Another hostel based in a jail....

The difference with this hostel however, is that instead of doing it up into a comfy hostel, the d├ęcor has been left looking...well, like a swanky prison!

Book the cell of your choice for a kooky night in the middle of Christchurch!


Situated in the middle of the Nicaraguan jungle, this hostel does not take reservations, urging you to just turn up, as well as only taking cash payment.

Super old school, right?

The site prides itself on having the perfect mix of respect and care for the wildlife and environment surrounding it, while also throwing the greatest jungle parties.

No reservations? Point us in the right direction, we're going!


Look! It's a bedroom in a cockpit!

This hostel in Sweden does just what it says on the tin. It's a restored jumbo jet, kitted out for backpackers to sleep in.

Don't worry however, this plane stays firmly on the ground...


If you don't like going underground, this hostel may not be for you.

The Australian mine hostel offers beds for the night, several feet under the ground.

Dug into a sandstone hill, these rooms these rooms tread the line between being seriously cool, and well, a little bit creepy.

We love them!